Shaved Brussels Sprouts-the BEST (for real)

I know I have claimed to have made the BEST Brussels sprouts before, but this method, FOR REAL is the best.

I’ve been obsessed with cooking my Brussels this way for the last month and every night my husband watches in horror awe as I eat a mountain of greens. They are seriously so good! When I get to the last bite I’m always so sad.

I’ve been a dead beat blogger lately, more than usual even. It’s not that I don’t still love my blog, because I totally do. It’s just that my husband and I are too busy binge watching Sons of Anarchy to do anything else!!

Have you seen this show?! Of all the TV shows I’ve binge watched I think this one is my favorite. I highly recommend it!

So there you go, Sons of Anarchy and Brussels Sprouts are my favorite!

Oh and Rocco! I’ve been so remiss on sharing Rocco photos and stories. Here are some pictures of the little guy, we love him so much!!! 



Here are some photos of those beautiful Brussels:


Shaved Brussels Sprouts Recipe

  • Brussels Sprouts (I’ve been buying the bag from Costco!)
  • Oil of choice (guilty pleasure-my favorite for this dish is butter or ghee!)
  • Salt
  • Pepper

Start by cutting the ends off all the Brussels and then run them through your food processor using the slicing attachment, not the shredding blade. This will yield wonderful slices, bits and pieces. I slice enough for a week and keep them in a ziploc bag in the fridge and then every night I heat & eat.

To prepare: Heat 1 tablespoon of oil of choice in a frying pan over medium-low to low heat. Add 2 cups of sliced Brussels and toss them around in the oil. Cover the pan with a splatter cover and allow them to cook for about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add salt & pepper to taste and cook until the sprouts are tender or even browned a bit. Enjoy!

So simple, delicious and healthy!

Alright, that’s it for now, have a great week!



Fajita Salad with Cucumber Salsa

Turns out I have another recipe to share, and then for real I have posts on skin care coming up. Exciting!

I finally signed up for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). What took me so long?! I think it’s because my inner control freak couldn’t handle the thought of getting produce that wasn’t part of my master meal plan.

Well I finally signed up for one and picked up my first box last Friday. I was by far the most excited person there, jumping up and down showing strangers what I got, saying Look, I got one of these! They were like…yeeaah, take it easy lady.

This is a Romanesco. So beautiful. Tastes like cauliflower.

Romanesco broccoli

This is what I got in my CSA delivery:

  • 5lb bag of potatoes
  • bananas
  • 4 kiwi’s
  • carton of strawberries
  • 1 bunch rainbow chard
  • 1 head butter lettuce
  • 1 romanesco
  • 2 red peppers
  • 2 yellow peppers
  • 4 tomatoes
  • 2 cucumbers
  • 2 zucchini

The whole thing only cost $25 and it was all organic! And then the fun part: pretending like I’m iron chef figuring out how I’m going to use all these items up in a week! FUN!

I decided I wanted to make a cucumber “salsa” to put on my salads and it turned out so good! I’m sure there are a gazillion recipes like this on the internet, but I didn’t look at any of those, I just got out my food processor and started mincing away. The end result was just perfect.

Cucumber Salsa

  • 2 cucumbersfajita salad
  • 1 red bell pepper (seeds removed)
  • 1 yellow bell pepper (seeds removed)
  • 1 red onion
  • 1 bunch cilantro (minced, stems and all in the food processor)
  • 2 teaspoons garlic
  • 1/4 cup lime juice
  • lemon juice to taste
  • salt to taste
  • cayenne pepper to taste

Use a food processor to dice all ingredients. Place everything in a bowl and stir. Consume liberally.

I used the butter lettuce for the base of my salad and then added some fajita meat I picked up at Whole Foods. I drizzled on a little olive oil and added some avocado and voila, that’s a gourmet salad right there!

That was a short post today, I know, but that’s all I have for now!

Enjoy your weekend!



Easy Breakfast for a Week

Happy Cyber Wednesday, haha! These cyber sales are out of control. I’ve been getting about 30 emails a day that just keep telling me the Black Friday sale has been extended one more day!
We had a great, mellow Thanksgiving at home in Salt Lake. We spent a lot of time relaxing, working out, cooking healthy food and spending quality family time together. It was heavenly.

Now I’m finally back and updating my blog with a really efficient recipe for eggs that will save gobs of time in the morning!

When I started the Whole30, breakfast was by far the most difficult meal for me for 3 reasons:
1) Prior to the Whole30 I had a protein shake with fruit every morning or a piece of toast with almond butter. So pretty much, my breakfast was always sweet tasting.
2) Before the Whole30 I was vegan and hadn’t eaten eggs in about a decade.
3) Cooking eggs on the stove and washing the pan every morning is really time consuming!

Now I’ve figured out a way to make a big batch of eggs all at once on Sundays so during the week I can just heat & eat and not have the hassle of cleaning pans. And, I also really enjoy eating eggs for breakfast now! Who knew?! I love that this breakfast keeps me full all the way until lunch and I don’t get hungry for a morning snack like I used to.
I make these eggs 2 different ways. In a regular 8×8 or 9×13 baking pan and also in a silicone mini loaf pan.


This recipe could be adapted and personalized in endless ways so here is what I do.

Mini Loaf Pan Method
This is what I do for my breakfasts because I like to eat 2 eggs for breakfast. 2 eggs fit perfectly in each little mini loaf and there are 8 little loaf slots in the pan which is enough for 8 breakfasts!
-Mix 2 eggs in a bowl, pour into greased mini loaf pan. Repeat until you have as many breakfasts as you want.
-Sprinkle each one with salt & pepper
-Add spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, herbs etc as desired. (I like salt, pepper & spinach and add salsa in the morning)
-Bake at 350˚F for 18-20 minutes or until eggs are no longer runny.
-Remove eggs from loaf pan, allow to cool then individually wrap each loaf.

Easy Egg Bake
This is what I do for my husband because he likes to eat 3 eggs for breakfast. So I multiply the number of breakfasts I want to make by 3. So if I’m making him 7 breakfasts, that number is 21 eggs! Then I look for a pan that will hold that many eggs. 2 8×8 pans or 1 9×13 pan has worked well.
-Line pan with parchment paper and grease. Coconut oil works well.
-Pour mixed eggs into prepared pan.
-Sprinkle with salt & pepper or other herbs as desired.
-Add ham, bacon, spinach etc as desired. (He likes salt, pepper, ham & spinach and adds more veggies in the morning)
-Bake at 350˚F for 40 minutes or until eggs are no longer runny.
-Cut into breakfast squares.

Rocco has gotten into a little destructive phase lately. A couple weeks ago I came home and found he had shredded a roll of toilet paper.

Ok, haha, no big deal I thought. Plus look how cute he is. (Sorry for the blurry pic)
Then I went upstairs and found hurricane Rocco had passed through the spare bedroom.

He had also ripped the carpet off one of the stairs and had started unraveling the carpet! Bad boy!
My husband got the carpet all repaired (thank you youtube) and we now close all doors before leaving the house.
So far that seems to be working but we have to put EVERYTHING up high now.
Last week I came home and he had gotten my iPad off the couch and chewed the corner of the case off. Luckily the iPad was fine but I can’t say the same for the 2 remote controls he got hold of!
I’m sure it’s just a phase that will pass. It’s not like he doesn’t have enough toys or things to chew on or doesn’t get enough exercise!
Just look at that spoiled face. Yes, that is Rocco all tucked into the people bed sleeping in while the humans go to work. Maybe I need to make him get up earlier…or get a job…


Enjoy the rest of your cyber week!

Our Favorite Way to Eat Veggies

One thing I hear from people all the time is, “I hate vegetables” or “I don’t know how to cook vegetables so I don’t eat them.” I am here to say, I hear ya and I can help. I used to detest vegetables and the only vegetable I would eat was Cesar salad which doesn’t really count!

My husband and I have perfected these veggies and we can eat them like candy. For real. The other night I was dipping them in warm marinara sauce and eating them like bread sticks. They are heavenly. We love putting them in our eggs for breakfast even!

We like them best cooked on the grill. I invested in a stainless steel grill pan which I now use for grilling vegetable, potatoes and fish. It works great on the grill but I also use it in the oven. I just place a silicone baking mat on top so stuff doesn’t drip out of the bottom of the pan.

How to Grill Vegetables that you will actually want to eat

-2-3 zucchini
-1-2 yellow squash/crookneck squash/summer squash (all the same thing)
-optional: cherry tomatoes cut in half
-optional: red onions, sliced
-optional: crushed garlic
-optional: asparagus cut into 1 inch long pieces
-1-2 tablespoons olive oil (or whatever oil floats your boat)
-4-6 tablespoons balsamic vinegar

First, slice the zucchini and squash. I find the “thick” setting on my mandolin is the perfect thickness which is probably about 1/8th of an inch. Place the sliced vegetables in a large bowl as you go. Add whatever other vegetables you want to roast to the bowl.
Next, drizzle a small bit of oil on the vegetables. Just enough to keep them from sticking to the pan. Not too much or they will turn out soggy. Next drizzle on balsamic vinegar. I don’t worry about having too much vinegar because it just cooks off. This gives the veggies a sweet taste! Then sprinkle with salt, pepper, oregano and thyme as desired.
Use your hands to mix everything up and then spread the vegetables out on a baking sheet prepared with parchment/silicone baking mat if baking in the oven or on a grill sheet if cooking on the grill (do not use parchment or silicone baking mat if using a grill).
For Grilling: Grill at 450˚F for 8-12 minutes flipping/rearranging every 4 minutes. It could take longer if the vegetables are really heaped on though.
For Baking: Bake at 450˚F for 30 minutes, flipping/rearranging after 15 minutes.
Either way, cook until browned and tender.

Here are the veggies sliced and seasoned, ready to go on the pan!

Here they are hot off the grill. Some will be almost crispy and others not so much. They are all good!

I finally got a standing workstation for my computer at work! I wanted to do this a year ago but a year ago I was in a boot and couldn’t stand! I’m really excited about this and I’ll do a post on it soon! Look how excited I am (it is too tall for me in this photo):

Rocco is so good. He’s really into burying things these days. Outside in the dirt. He’s actually really good at it now. He has this little scrap of fur (formerly a stuffed frog) and it is his #1 prized possession at the moment. It is so prized it frequently buries it in the garden. And then he digs it up, brings it in the house and shakes all the dirt off. It would upset me if I wasn’t laughing so hard at how cute and funny he is!
He has graduated to big rawhide chews. Here he is chewing a new rawhide (made in the USA of course) in a sea of toys. He is truly king of (his) toys! You can follow Rocco on Instagram. His username is Rocco_the_minpin (Rocco James).


Have a great rest of the week!

Grilled Acorn Squash

I’m on day 13 of the Whole30 now and I feel like I have “Tiger Blood” now as they call it. I just feel good. I wake up before my alarm and I feel rested and ready to go. My joints feel great (as they always do when I cut out sugar) and my body feels almost weightless. That’s the Tiger Blood speaking.

This week I went to a work event and turned down chocolate chip cookies, pizza AND cake from Costco (a favorite of mine). It actually wasn’t that hard to turn that stuff down since I now have Tiger Blood and all.

What I really miss the most is WINE! I thought I would miss chocolate or the stevia in my morning coffee or Reeces peanut butter pumpkins (they are in season!), but no. I miss wine. I usually only have a couple glasses of wine on the weekends but I’m realizing that those 2 glasses on Saturday night are really crucial to my spiritual wellness so I’m guessing when my 30 days are up I’ll be celebrating with a glass of vino.

I’m very excited to share this recipe for grilled acorn squash! This was the first time in my life to ever try acorn squash and man have I been missing out! The flavor and texture is almost the same as french fries (or maybe that’s the tiger blood speaking again). For real though it’s really good and I’ve grilled squash every day this week!

Grilled Acorn Squash

1 acorn squash, seeds removed, sliced into 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch thick slices (thinner slices are better)
Salt & pepper to taste
Nutritional yeast
Olive oil

Heat the grill to 400-450 degrees F. Brush both sides of each piece of squash with olive oil. Sprinkle with salt & pepper. Grill for about 4 minutes on each side or until nice grill marks appear and the squash is tender. Remove from the grill and sprinkle with nutritional yeast.

That’s it! It’s so easy and so so so good!!

Rocco is all recovered from his procedure last week. I don’t think he even knows he had anything done. I don’t even think he knew he had stitches! He never paid any attention to them. I got him a new blanket from Costco called the “sherpa blanket” and he just loves it. My husband and I are actually quite jealous because it’s the softest blanket we’ve ever felt!


Oh and my awesome hubby got me new cross country skis for my birthday! I think it was a subtle hint that I need to exercise more. Ha! KIDDING! He got them because I emailed him a link to a ski set I wanted noting all my sizes and low and behold he got me just what I wanted! THAT is a good man. Here I am skiing in my living room. What a nerd…

Have a great weekend!

Easy Sun Dried Tomato Pesto (vegan, gluten free, paleo)

Rocco has a new dog door and he knows how to use it!

A MAJOR thank you goes out to my mom & dad for doing this project! We had to order a whole new door so that Rocco could have a dog door and my dad did the whole install. We will just save the old door in case we ever sell our house. It’s been quite the project for sure and obviously isn’t finished yet. We still need to paint it and hang the blinds up.
It took Rocco all of about 1 minute to learn how to use it. He is so smart. It’s a heavy dog door but he can open it with ease. 5 minutes after the door was up he was coming and going like no big deal.

Here are some pictures of him lounging. This is what he does best!


It looks like he’s smiling in this one:


Oh and on a totally unrelated note, I went rock climbing outside on real rocks last week for the first time ever! This is not a picture of me, but it’s the route I climbed.

I have never had any desire to rock climb because it looks, well, scary! I was so slow but I actually really liked it!
Here are a couple other photos from the climbing spot in Big Cottonwood Canyon.



This is the reason I love living in Salt Lake.

And now on to the recipe! I have more basil than I know what to do with in my garden so I’m trying to think up more uses for it. I have about 10 batches of regular pesto stored in my freezer already. This is a really easy, simple recipe for Sun Dried Tomato Pesto and I think it complies with just about every specialty diet out there. Vegan, gluten free, dairy free, paleo (I think). It’s perfect on vegetables or protein or pasta or bread or as a dip. I’ll be honest, I was eating spoonfuls of it when I made it. It has a really mild flavor but you could easily punch it up by adding garlic, crushed red pepper or any other spices you like.


Sun Dried Tomato Pesto (vegan, gluten free, dairy, paleo)
1 cup sun dried tomatoes (NOT the kind packed in oil), softened
1 cup/handful basil leaves
1/2 cup toasted almonds
1/2 cup olive oil
1/4 cup water (more if using for pasta sauce)
1 tablespoon lemon juice
salt to taste (my tomatoes were already quite salty so I did not add any salt)
-options: garlic, crushed red pepper, oregano, more water or oil

First, soak the sun dried tomatoes in a bowl of water for at least 5 minutes but I like to soak mine overnight or for several hours. When they are soft, remove them from the water and place them in the food processor. Toast the almonds by placing them on a baking sheet and broiling them in the oven for a few minutes until they look browned but not burned. Add the almonds and the remaining ingredients to the food processor and blend until smooth. Store in the refrigerator.

That’s it for now, have a great week!


Last night I had a dream that I met Huey Lewis from Huey Lewis and the News and he told me I needed to get a facial.

What does that mean?! I don’t even know what Huey Lewis looks like and I certainly don’t know why he thought it was appropriate to comment on my skin!

At any rate, I’m probably going to take his advice and get a facial. I’m sure I really do need one.

Things have been so hectic lately I haven’t found time to post any stories or recipes. Of course, in our free time my husband and I have been binge watching Breaking Bad-which we just finished!- and then moved on to binge watching Game of Thrones – we only have 2 episodes left!

What show should we get wrapped up in next? Oh the choices!!

Rocco continues to be amazing. I still can’t believe this little 5 month old puppy is completely potty trained and has been for quite a while now! We can even leave him home alone un-crated and he doesn’t get into trouble! It’s crazy. We are getting him a dog door so he will be able to come and go as he pleases! We ended up having to get a new back door and we are still waiting to for that door to come in. I can’t wait.

Here are some Rocco highlights! Follow him on Instagram for more-his username is rocco_the_minpin

Rocco plays a little game with his tennis balls under this couch. It’s called-I get my ball stuck and then you guys get it out for me. It’s not my most favorite game. Mainly because he ripped a hole in the lining under the couch and now the balls get stuck in there. We just retrieved FOUR tennis balls from inside the couch.
This photo was taken the other night. My hubby was looking for the missing tennis ball with a flashlight and Rocco thinks they are being so manly together doing man things. I love how Rocco has a tennis ball IN his mouth but is intensely looking for more.

Our “no dogs on the furniture” rule didn’t last very long. Here he is sitting next to my husband. I love my new “It’s five o’clock somewhere” pillow. Indeed. It’s from Nordstrom. They have such cute home decor.

Rocco adores my husband, obviously. That doesn’t even look comfortable!

And now onto a fun recipe we can’t get enough of. Zucchini chips! I make these a couple nights a week and the husband and I inhale them and then feel proud of ourselves for eating vegetables.


Veggie Chips
Zucchini (or any vegetable really. We LOVE doing this with potatoes!)
olive or coconut oil
nutritional yeast or other seasonings

Slice zucchini using a mandolin on the thinnest setting. Lay paper towels out on the counter and then spread the zucchini out on the paper towels and sprinkle with salt (not too much or they will taste too salty). Let them sit like that for about 15 minutes. This will draw water out of the zucchini which will yield a nice, crunchy chip!
In the meantime, preheat oven to 400˚ F and line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Brush the parchment paper with olive oil or coconut oil.
After the 15 minutes are up take another paper towel and place it over the zucchini and mop up all the excess moisture.
Line the zucchini up on the lined baking sheet so they are touching but not overlapping. Lightly brush them with more olive or coconut oil. Sprinkle with nutritional yeast or experiment with other seasonings. We LOVE nutritional yeast on these though!
Bake at 400˚ for 12-20 minutes or until browned but not burned. My oven takes about 20 minutes on the first batch and then only 12 minutes on the second so just keep a close eye on them.


How to make Kombucha

Last week in my post I mentioned that every night I like to drink a glass of kombucha and this week I’ll explain why and how to make your own!

First off, I tried kombucha for the first time many, many years ago and I hated it. It tasted like bad beer…or just bad something.

Then, maybe a year ago my friend Tiana urged me to try it again but told me I needed to try the fancy, fruity flavored kind from whole foods. I believe I shelled out around $4 (that killed me) for a bottle of pink, guava flavored kombucha. I still hated it.

But then, I was listening to NPR and heard the author of a book called Missing Microbes talking about how messed up our stomachs are from taking antibiotics, among other things. We are born with good bacteria in our gut but the good bacteria can easily be overtaken by not-so-good bacteria thanks to antibiotics and just modern life in general.

Quick background on me: several years ago I did 2 rounds of antibiotics for 3-5 months each time to try to get rid of my severe acne. FUN!! That is a whole post in itself but I have a hard time getting excited about writing about that one time when I turned 30 and suddenly got acne so bad I didn’t want to leave the house. Another time maybe.

Amazingly enough I don’t have any stomach problems (I don’t think anyway) from taking antibiotics long term. But it’s not just stomach problems that “missing microbes” can cause! It can also cause obesity, autoimmune disorders and some believe it can even be linked to autism!

So how do you fix that ecosystem in the gut? Probiotics. Where do you get probiotics from? Kombucha. You can also get it from kefir (a yogurt drink), some yogurts, miso (fermented brown rice paste) & sauerkraut. You can also take probiotic pills. My husband and I have both taken the pills and we didn’t notice any difference.

Ok, this story is getting really long now, so fast forward to a few weeks ago. I was at my friend Tiana’s house talking about kombucha because she makes her own. She gave me a sample to try and I LOVED it. And then she taught me how to make it and so now I’m posting it up here because I think everyone needs to know this stuff!

Here are directions straight from Tiana, queen of Kombucha!

How to Brew Kombucha
You’ll need:
-gallon glass container (I got this one from amazon)
-green, black, or white tea (no herbal or flavored teas like chamomile, bergamot etc!)
-SCOBY & “starter brew” from a previous batch

First off, you can get a SCOBY (culture) from a friend, buy one on Amazon (sketch?) or even just use a bottle of kombucha from the grocery store to start your batch!

Boil water for brewing about 4 cups of super concentrated green, black or white tea (I used green). Use 4-5 bags per gallon (I used 8 because I subscribe to the more is better mentality for everything).

After you make your concentrated tea and while the water is still hot, add sugar. You need at least 1/4 cup, but can add more if you want it to turn out sweeter (fear not-the sugar is metabolized by the bacteria so the end product actually contains very little sugar unless you add a bunch of sugar).

Then cool off the tea/sugar mixture by adding cold water (hot liquid would likely kill the SCOBY). Add enough water to get liquid level to within a couple inches of the top of the jar and add the SCOBY and starter.

Cover with cheesecloth or paper towel and rubber band/string around the top. Let brew in a warm dark place. Check the top of the liquid for a film after several days. When a film forms, you’re there! It gets more vinegar-y with more time (I personally love the vinegar taste). Time can be 7-30 days to brew.

You can do a second fermentation by bottling it and putting it in the fridge-that makes it fizzy naturally. You can also add things at that point like fruit, ginger, lemon etc. Start your new batch in the exact same way.

You’ll know if it has gone bad-there might be black mold on top of the SCOBY or it will smell foul. Throw everything out at that point and start over. Use clean everything when making and handling-that’ll reduce the chance of contamination.

Alright, here are pics from my brew!
I made green tea in my glass measuring cup using 8 bags even though Tiana said only to use 4-5.


I left mine to brew for about 2 weeks in a closet because I like it to taste like vinegar (why am I weird?). I found out it’s normal to get brown “streamers” that hang off the SCOBY. I thought my batch had gone bad but it turns out that’s all normal, it just looks really gross.

Then I bottled it up in these bottles I got from IKEA for about $4 and put it in the refrigerator to bubble up some more. In hind sight, I wish I would have “splurged” on these weck bottles because they would easily fit in the dishwasher. The bottles I got don’t really work in the dishwasher. They are $5-$6 though. Geez Laura, it’s $1 extra dollar. Get a life.


I didn’t add any fruit/lemon/ginger to mine, I just like it straight! I’m still a beginner though so I will update with any new techniques I learn.

I have a bunch of Rocco pictures to share but since this post has turned into a novel I’ll save them for another day. I’ll end the post with just one picture of him. He’s so cute!

Have a great week!

Naughty Naughty Birthday Cheesecake

I can’t believe it’s August already! I had to go to the mall on Saturday (the worst time to go to the mall) and the parking lot was more crowded than Christmas! And then it dawned on me that everyone was back to school shopping.
I love fall clothes but the thought of buying sweaters and skinny jeans when it’s nearly 100˚ outside just sounds gross. I was at the mall suit shopping for my husband without him-so I just looked like a creeper checking out mens suiting and some mens shoes too. I didn’t find anything for him but I did make the mistake of going into lululemon and came out with 3 new things for myself! Ha!
Speaking of that husband of mine…he just had a birthday on Friday! He loves cheesecake and he loves oreos. I found a recipe (thank you pinterest) for Oreo Cheesecake Bars and just had to make them.
Let me be 100% clear: These are not health food in any way shape or form. There is nothing even remotely healthy about them and they are definitely not vegan. But I have a strong belief about desserts: If you are going to eat dessert, eat good dessert. Save the black bean brownies for another day. A birthday demands something special.

They turned out incredible. I’m not much of a baker and I had never made cheesecake before but I think these bars are probably the best cheesecake I’ve ever had. And worth every single delicious calorie.
I got the recipe from this blog. Instead of using oreos I used Newman O’s since at least they don’t have partially hydrogenated oil or high fructose corn syrup in them. And because of that I probably should have added 1 more tablespoon of butter to the crust recipe because I think Newman O’s are a little drier than oreos. Not that I’ve ever properly compared the two…

Rocco continues to be awesome. Even though he’s only 4 months old I swear he is 100% potty trained! We hung a bell up on our back door and we taught him how to ring the bell when he wants to go outside! Of course he still loves the method of hurling his body at the blinds when he wants to go out, BUT, when we are out of the room or far away he will ring the bell to go outside and potty. We think he’s a genius.
He’s also been going jogging with me and he does so well. He’s really good at “leave it” when we run by manure. Puppy training class has definitely paid off.
He is so funny. He loves to hide and burrow.


And here he is in my office, patiently waiting for me to finish up my work.


Have a great week and enjoy this last month of summer!

Cucumber boats

Today I am sharing a really easy and fresh appetizer recipe, perfect for summer as well as some Rocco pictures and stories of course. 🙂

I made these little cucumber boats for a work event last week and everyone really liked them. I was going to make them last weekend for a barbecue we hosted at our house for all my husbands co-workers but then realized this maybe wasn’t quite the right appetizer to serve to 8 manly men. Although it would have been entertaining!


Cucumber Boats
Cucumber, peeled and sliced “medium” on mandolin
Top with vanilla soy yogurt or whatever yogurt you like
Sprinkle with unsweetened coconut
Top with sliced strawberry

This is the yogurt I used and I really liked it! It was the first time I’ve ever tried vegan yogurt. It’s quite tasty but also quite high in sugar so I wouldn’t eat it on it’s own.

As I was making these at work I felt like I was giving out samples at Costco! By the way, people throwing elbows to get to samples at Costco is probably my biggest pet peeve in the world! Last weekend I watched a lady abandon her cart-with her child in it- to dash over to the samples of tortilla chips. Really? Had she really never tried tortilla chips before?

Moving on.

Rocco is now 4 months old and he just received the last of his vaccines. He now weighs 9 pounds!

Both ears stick up all the time like this now:

He has tennis ball fuzz on his nose because he spends 80% of his waking time eradicating fuzz from tennis balls.
This picture makes me laugh. This is from his first week home with us. Look how small he was!

My shirt says “be awesome”. Because sometimes you just need a reminder 🙂

Rocco is teachers pet at puppy school because -obviously- he’s the cutest.

He burrowed under these pillows.


I’m amazed at how many nights my husband and I are left sitting on the bare floor holding a bone or dog toy and Rocco is sleeping peacefully on one of our pillows. Honestly, how do these dogs train us so well?!

Have a great week!