12 Week Half Marathon Program

A while ago I mentioned I was going to run the Salt Lake 1/2 Marathon this year on April 20. It is now officially time to start training!

I found a training program I’m going to follow, here it is.
It’s from the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in 2012 but I liked the weekly mileage and workouts it has you do. I really don’t have time to run 5-6 days a week like a lot of training programs want you to do.
So training starts Monday with a 3 mile run which sounds totally laughable to me right now. I’m pretty sure I can’t run 3 miles straight right now after being sick for so long, but that’s ok, I can run/walk.

So the 1/2 marathon is in 12 weeks and I’m getting married in 18 weeks for anyone counting! 🙂

Also, here’s something exciting. When I was sick I was not able to cook so I shuffled to Costco and found some really tasty vegan, convenience food items! Are you as pumped as I am?!

I even numbered a picture!


1. Coconut Curry. My mom introduced me to this curry and wow, it is SO good! It has just a tad bit of sugar in it but not much so I give it the ok.
2. Clementine Cuties. These just looked like a good snack so I got them. I figured I could use some vitamin C.
3. Hummus. It’s not as good as making your own, but this sun dried tomato hummus is darn good.
4. Falafel. This was a huge score. Vegan falafel, already made and ready to be picked up from your local costco. I eat them with hummus, or I put them in salad and top with hummus.

Ok, this weekend I’ll be back in the kitchen whipping up something delightful. Have a great weekend, 1/2 marathon training starts Monday!


Come January 1st-It’s ON

There’s nothing like eating really bad to make you want to eat really good, am I right?

Tis the season for over indulging.

I OD’d on sugar cookies today. And pasta. I know, I’m so so so naughty. But I enjoyed every minute of that frosting covered goodness!!

As the day went on I felt less and less like eating anything healthy. By dinner time my usual salad didn’t even sound good. I just wanted more sugar cookies. But I ate my salad anyway.

Le sigh.

So I have officially decided, come January 1 I am starting a cleanse! And I’m hoping others will do it with me! Even if it’s just a little tiny attempt, like cutting soda out for a week. Or maybe cutting all sugar out. That’s the beauty of the cleanse, you just do what you can and every positive change is a positive change. But if you’ve been considering a cleanse, this is a great time!

The cleanse I’m talking about is this one here. I’ll discuss it more later but pretty much it’s 3 weeks (more or less if you want) without dairy, meat, cheese (any animal product actually), sugar, alcohol, caffeine (I won’t give that up I’m telling you now) and gluten. But if there is something you don’t want to give up, then don’t give it up. I don’t see the point in quitting caffeine for 3 weeks if I’m just going to start drinking it again. Anyway, we shall discuss this more next week but that’s the basics.

That doesn’t give us a free pass to eat everything in sight for the next three weeks though. I know there are parties galore going on and chocolate around every corner. That’s a tough battle. Just do your best, hang in there and January 1st we are going to cleanse!

Ok, now Lilly time. Honestly, Lilly hasn’t done anything interesting lately. This is what she is doing right now. She kind of perked up when she saw me stand up (I could be going to the kitchen to get her a treat!) but by the time I got my phone out she had already started to fall asleep again.

And that is no different than what she is always doing. Well, actually she cries a lot. She get’s a treat every night and I try to wait until 9pm to give it to her or else she forgets she had it and begs for another one. But she asks earlier and earlier every day. So pretty much there’s a lot of crying going on all the time.
Begging is sooooo much work. It requires being awake and kind of being upright. Good thing there are walls to lean on!


This is the vision of abuse and neglect right here.


Could you tell this face no? I can’t. I do whatever she tells me to do.


CRUSH Challenge Week 6

Hello CRUSHers!

This is your last week of camp, then if you like, you can sign up for the next round which begins July 9.

Your challenge this week is simple: Eat like a champ.

I believe we all know exactly what we should and shouldn’t be putting in our bodies. We know when we are being naughty, but for some reason we do it anyway. We think, I know I shouldn’t do this, BUT…

We don’t need anyone to tell us what we should or shouldn’t be eating. If something is going to make you feel sick, don’t eat it. It’s as simple as that.

So this week, eat like a champ. Eat foods that make you feel great and give you tons of energy.

Summer is here. Go get ’em champ!!!

CRUSH Challenge-Week 4

Good Monday Morning!
I hope you all enjoyed Yoga this morning with Aaron. And if you didn’t enjoy it, I hope you at least appreciated the fact that you were giving your body a new challenge and doing something really good for yourself.

In class today, we did some really tough poses and Aaron kept saying, “focus on your breath” and “bring it back to your heartbeat”. In other words, STAY PRESENT even though this is REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE!

So your challenge this week might be the toughest one yet: LIVE IN THE MOMENT all week long.

It is always easier to think about what you have planned for the day or what happened yesterday than it is to actually stay present with what is going on NOW. That is especially true during uncomfortable or painful times. We love to distract ourself by looking forward to the weekend and it is so easy to let days or even weeks slip by without actually appreciating what is going on. Have you ever driven all the way home from work and realized when you got home you don’t even remember the drive?

So this week, challenge yourself to stay present even when something is hard. If we are always living in the moment we will make good choices about what we eat, what we say and how hard we work. We will be more productive! Think about it: when you are dwelling on the past are you enjoying what you eat? Are you productive at work? Are you having good conversations with your friends?

Have a radiant and bright week everyone and LIVE IN THE MOMENT!

Homemade Vegetable Crackers and CRUSH Challenge

CRUSH Challenge-Week 3

Your challenge for the week (and every week): do at least 2 cardio workouts in addition to the CRUSH workouts.

I know the CRUSH workouts are tough but ideally you should be getting at least 2 more workouts in during the week. It can be a cycling class, a jog, or whatever you enjoy doing. Just get out there and enjoy this great weather!

Now, for the crackers…

In my quest to consume as much guacamole as humanly possible I have been searching for something other than tortilla chips to deliver the guacamole to my mouth. 🙂

Making crackers from scratch is admittedly a lot more work than just opening a box of store bought crackers. So maybe try this when you have some free time and you are feeling adventurous. Wait, I feel like I just read your mind and in your mind you just thought, “that’s never happening”. Fair enough. Well, just in case you change your mind here is the recipe anyway. These crackers are very filling (as opposed to tortilla chips which I can eat about 100 of) and high in fiber. Yay fiber!
Taken from Thrive by Brenden Brazier. A book I highly recommend to any athlete.


1 1/2 cups ground flax seeds
1/2 cup chopped celery
1/2 cup chopped tomato
1/2 cup almonds
1/2 cup sunflower seeds
1/4 cup chopped carrot
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp minced garlic
1/2 teaspoon salt

Preheat oven to 300. Line a standard 11 x 15 cookie sheet with parchment paper or lightly grease it.
Add all ingredients to a food processor. Process and scrape until all ingredients a chopped and well blended.



Processed dough should look about like the picture above. Dump the dough onto the cookie sheet. Now, get your hands wet with water and start pressing it into the pan. Don’t get too carried away steamrolling the dough into the pan or it will be hard to get it out of the pan. Don’t ask me how I know that.
Use a knife to score the dough into cracker sized pieces.


Bake for 30 minutes, remove from oven, allow to cool. Remove from pan and store in the fridge.


Last, feel proud, you just made crackers!

CRUSH Challenge – Week 2

Happy week 2 CRUSHers!

How did you do on the first weeks challenge? Did you try to cut out or at least cut back on sugar? It’s tough to do, that is for sure!

Here is your challenge for week 2: Eat at least 2 servings of vegetables a day.

I know that might seem simple to some, but if you are anything like me, I used to eat exactly ZERO servings of vegetables – EVER! Unless of course you count the corn syrup that was in my Cinnamon Toast Crunch 🙂

So this week I’m not asking you to cut anything out of your diet, just try to add some vegetables.
The easiest way for me was to start eating a side salad along with my dinner every night. Over time the salad kept getting bigger and more elaborate until that was all I wanted for dinner. Another good option is to sneak some kale into your other dishes like this Avocado, Strawberry, Quinoa Salad which I absolutely adore or eat your hummus with carrots instead of chips.

Have a radiant and bright week everyone, I will be sharing some recipes for Energy Bars very soon!

CRUSH Challenge – Week 1

Good Monday morning!

I teach a 6 – week intensive workout class called CRUSH (stands for Creating Results to become Unbelievably Smokin’ Hot). Today was the first day and I want to welcome all my CRUSH friends to my website and congratulate them on completing a great workout today!

Also, here is your challenge for week 1: Go without sugar for 1 week.

I know that sounds incredibly daunting because sugar is lurking around every corner. So, I encourage you to read labels and steer away from anything containing sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, evaporated cane juice etc.


Like any challenge, just do your best. Nobody’s perfect. It’s all about becoming aware of what we do to ourselves.

If you need a good reason to not eat sugar, here are 146 reasons!

Have a great week everyone!