Favorite Things of 2019

Woo Hoo, it’s a new blog post! This has been on my to-do list for MONTHS and my big goal was to get this out in time for anyone who is looking for some shopping inspiration before the Holidays! Obviously nothing on here is sponsored in any way, these are all items that I bought and have been using for several months and want to shout from the rooftops about how much I love each and every item on here. I am seriously so excited.

Let’s get to it, going clockwise, starting in the top left corner.

favorite things

  1. Athleta Elation Leggings
    Of course my first pick would be leggings. I am somewhat of an expert of course considering I wear leggings at least 5 days/week and now that I have these it’s closer to 7 days/week. So let me tell you why they are perfect. I used to buy the Lululemon Align Leggings but 1) they pill and 2) they show every lump and bump on your bottom which isn’t a professional look for me. These Elation Leggings have the same buttery soft feel as the Aligns, but they smooth you out and they offer just the tiniest bit of compression but without feeling like the life is being squeezed out of you. Mine have not pilled and they are not see through (why is this something we are even still having to talk about? Shouldn’t all pants be not-see through?) I wear these leggings for all activities including hot yoga. Yes, that’s right, they are even good for the hot sweaty type workouts. They are soft and comfy though so also great for travel. They run true to size.
  2. Marley’s Monsters UnPaper Towels and Napkins
    We’ve gone paperless in our household! Yes, that’s right, no more paper towels or paper napkins in our home and we love it!! We realized UnPaper Towels are just towels really. I thought it might be a pain having to wash napkins and (unpaper)towels but it isn’t inconvenient at all. I just throw these in with the rest of my towels. They don’t wrinkle and haven’t stained like I thought they would. I think these would make a great gift for anyone who is trying to be more environmentally conscious. We love them. Plus they come in a ton of different prints and colors. Very fun.
  3. Spin Pins AKA my hair secret
    These hair pins are the secret to my hair buns that will withstand spin class or sweaty downward dogs without budging at all. Twist hair up into a bun, insert 2 spin pins, remove after class or once hair is dry and enjoy wavy hair. That’s my big secret!
  4. Moldex Ear Plugs
    Only this last year or two did I start sleeping with ear plugs and in the process I tried out at least 5 different varieties before finding these and dubbing them “the best”. They seem like denser foam than the others I tried. I do trim the ends down so they don’t stick out of my little ears (aw, how cute).
  5. Bathroom Organizer
    Please note this is a stock photo and not an actual picture of what my organizer looks like. If you think I own lip gloss and Versace perfume you’d have me confused with someone else. I saw this on Amazon and thought it was brilliant. Cleans up the bathroom counter top nicely and looks like a display case to show off all those lovely skincare items that bring me so much joy.
  6. TheraGun G3
    We debated this purchase for MONTHS then finally decided to make the investment ($$$). Within 2 weeks we had a second because we each needed one as my hubby travels often and takes the TheraGun with him. This thing might seem like such an excessive splurge, but it has made a huge difference in the tissue around the screws in my hip. I can go from being in a lot of pain to almost no pain after using this. It’s also really helped my tight calves and shoulder pain I’ve been dealing with since I can only lay on the left side of my body now. I definitely recommend to anyone with injuries! It looks like it would be painful but I promise it isn’t. It’s a zillion times more enjoyable than foam rolling (which I despise). Side note, I did order the Liv and returned it. I didn’t like that it only has one speed and it was louder and ran a bit rough in my opinion. We have also tried the Pro but we didn’t feel like the features on the pro were necessary and worth the extra cost.
  7. Athleta Breathe In Bra
    This bra says it’s low support and also low coverage but I have to disagree. I’d say it has perfect support and fairly high coverage (goes higher up in the front). I do like it for yoga but I find I reach for it for daily wear as well and it would be fine for hiking and biking. It is overall just very comfortable. And the buttery soft material is the same as those elation pants I mentioned earlier. The best I’ve worn to this date.
  8. Sleep Mask
    In addition to wearing ear plugs, I also now sleep with an eye mask and don’t know how I’ve survived without one. I’ve tried several and the thing about this one is that it is hollowed out around the eyeball area so your eyes and eyelashes don’t get smashed. Completely blocks out all light and the strap is wide and adjustable and doesn’t tangle up in my hair like straps with velcro will do.
  9. Rothy’s Slip on Sneaker
    Cute shoes made from recycled plastic! They are also machine washable and comfortable. I hemmed & hawed over these for a good long while and now I wish I had bought them sooner. And I want the leopard ones too. They do run a little small/narrow. My foot is a super consistent size but these I had to exchange for a half size larger.

Alright, those are my top 9 favorite “things”. But would you believe I have a separate list already prepared for my Favorite Skincare & Beauty and also Favorite Haircare products?! It could be several months before those come out so I’ll just say Happy Holidays now, ha!

But really, I hope the rest of 2019 is amazing for you!




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