6 Month Hip Update + A Return to Veganism?!

Well hello!

It has finally been 6 months since I broke my hip! This was supposed to be the big milestone as the surgeon told me I would be able to run again at this point. To me it feels like it’s been forever and indeed a lot has changed. Where to begin…

  1. The latest medical update: The e-ray looks good and my bone has completely healed and isn’t showing any signs of deterioration which is great news! I still have quite a bit of pain though and I thought it was because of the hardware that protrudes but the surgeon said it was more likely that I also sustained other, non bone related injuries when I broke the hip. He said it is likely I could have torn some cartilage or torn something else and that is probably why I’m still experiencing pain. That makes a lot of sense and when I think about it, I have had a lot of pain on the front of my hip more in the ligaments/tendons. What to do about this? Wait and let it heal I suppose. It doesn’t feel bad enough to get an MRI. In 6 months I’ll go back and we’ll discuss whether or not I should get the hardware removed.
  2. The running update: Since I get asked about running multiple times a week I’ll just lay it down here. I will not be running any time soon. The surgeon pretty much said: Find a new hobby. Don’t run but do what you want, what do I know…I only put people back together for a living. How do I feel about this? Not surprised. I know the pain I’ve been in and running is about the last thing on my mind. It’s also been 6 months so I’ve moved on and I’ve been focused on the things I can do like yoga, walking and biking. This summer will be the summer of mountain biking and hiking! Also, I have to admit I have not really been missing running! Maybe it’s because my body hurts so it just doesn’t sound good, but I must say I feel a lot more relaxed and dare I say, happier even?! Maybe this is a bigger post for another day.
  3. The nutrition update: Confession time…I have been moving back into my vegan/plant based ways since November and I feel so good about that! Back in November a friend of mine told me I needed to read the Medical Medium books. I just so happened to have a lot of time on my hands since I was injured so I dove in head first to these books and started applying the principles. One of them being 16 ounces of celery juice every morning! I will do a whole post about this Medical Medium cleanse I’ve been doing but pretty much it’s only fruits & vegetables for 28 days but in my case it also includes daily chocolate because I know my boundaries 🙂 Gradually I found myself going back to my old vegan ways and it felt like coming home. I loved my vegan life and for me it just seems to really work.

Those are the big updates in my world. Honestly, I’m doing great and feeling very happy. For me, running was never part of my identity and I’m good at rolling with the punches so I’ve been able to just roll with this thing. I’m so lucky to have such good support around me and of course I always know that there are many, many, many people with injuries and hardships much worse than whatever I am going through.

I’ll leave you with this Rocco picture! Rocco is such a distinguished gentleman type dog.


Bye for now!



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