My Moving Story!

We finally moved in to our new house!

We actually moved 3 weeks ago but I’m just now starting to come up for air.

So, 3 weeks ago on a Tuesday afternoon we got the keys to our new house (yay!). Wednesday morning the movers showed up and started whisking my belongings away faster than I could have ever imagined! They had pretty much my entire house loaded onto a truck in 1.5 hours. I had them unload everything into the garage of the new house and within 2.5 hours the move was just about complete! (PS I used Skinny Wimp and would HIGHLY recommend them if you are moving).

The following day (Thursday) we packed up and headed to Moab so that I could (SURPRISE!) run a 1/2 marathon on Saturday! Yes I’ve been running again which I will post about another time. I kept quiet about my training because I didn’t want to jinx myself!

So anyway, moving heavy boxes and furniture a few days before a long run is not conducive to training FYI. I way overdid it moving but you kind of don’t have a choice when you move, right?

We came home Saturday right after the race because we were eager to start settling into the new house. Sunday was a beautiful day so my husband decided he would take a break from unpacking boxes and went paragliding. By 11am he had “tweaked” his hip and came home. He could not lift his leg and could barely walk. Luckily my family was in town at the time and my SIL is a PA. She told my husband to get the dr PRONTO as he had most likely torn something. So off to the E.R. we went and sure enough, he had TORN his hip flexor. I’m not sure which muscle exactly, but it was 1 or 2 of his quadriceps muscles.

The tear should heal on its own so he doesn’t need surgery but he’s offline for a good 8-12 weeks. So obviously that sucks that he’s injured and down for the count but also, at this time we still had quite a bit of stuff in our old house and a new house full of boxes so I was like POOR ME, I have to move by myself, haha! Again, luckily my parents were in town and they were hugely helpful even though my Dad has a broken foot and he was in a boot! We were quite a bunch.

So anyway, we are finally all moved out of the old house and there’s enough room in our current garage to park out cars in there so I’m considering us all moved in, ha!

As much as I’ve wished I could just snap my fingers and have everything all organized, clean and in place I’m trying to slow down and enjoy the moving in process. I’ve been enjoying organizing everything and clearing out things we no longer need.

And I know everyone mostly just wants to know how Rocco is, so I will cut to the chase and say that Rocco loves his new home. My awesome parents went to the new house right away and installed a temporary fence and a dog door so he could have immediate access to his yard. He’s not spoiled at all. He has about a half dozen places he likes to sleep around the house and he has various perches where he can sunbathe and watch out the window. We also have several parks in our new neighborhood so he really enjoys going to the park every day to check out all the new smells.

I went around the house and snapped some photos. Obviously it’s still kind of a mess and I’m lacking furniture in some areas. But it’s still fun to look 🙂

Enjoy the pictures and I’ll be back soon with stories and recipes!


Main floor family room. Obviously lacking some furniture.
Kitchen! Ok, the kitchen is pretty darn organized.
Part of the backyard. It’s small but that’s what I wanted! 
Temporary dog door solution. I’m getting a custom made door soon because the humans can’t fit through this one as is.
Garage door entry. So organized it’s heaven. And that charging station is money!
Messy garage stacked deep on both sides but hey, my car fits!
One end of the basement that will eventually be a gym!
The other end of the basement.
My husbands gear storage room. I LOL that this is the only decorated room in the house. This is what it looks like when you have hobbies galore.
My laundry room! I got a new washer & dryer and they are amazing! The washer is so deep I have to stand on that little stool to get everything out and even then it’s a stretch for me.
Just a nice, lovely closet. I’ve never had such a closet.
Office! This room is pretty much done. Notice Rocco’s duck on the floor, haha!
Rocco’s room. Notice his perch/nest on top of the futon so he can look out the window. He’ll have to share his room in the event we have overnight guests.
Master bedroom! We sold our bed because we were sick of stubbing our toes on it! My husband keeps saying “I like just having a mattress on the floor” so we may never get a bed, haha!
Master bath. Excuse me, en suite.
The outside! Crazy to think it will have grass pretty soon!
My street is basically a construction zone. We are 1 of 3 finished houses so we’ll be surrounded by construction for quite some time.

One thought on “My Moving Story!

  1. Hey Laura, it’s Clare from the good ole days at Westminster. I miss attending your classes but reading your blog helps and I still do your workouts on my own. I’d go back to Westminster but I already have 2 gym memberships and my fiancé says only Olympians have 3 gyms haha! Anyways lately I’ve been missing your booty workout- the one where we would lean against the ballet bar. I can remember some of the moves we did but not all of them and I’ve been craving a good booty burn! Lol! Is there anyway you can tell me what we did? I know you don’t post workouts as much here sp if you plan to do the workout in a class, maybe I’ll drop in with my notebook and pencil. 😂 Anyways I hope you and Justin and Rocco are well, your new house looks fabulous!

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