DIY Kitchen & Bath Cleaner (easy & cheap!)

Today I’m so excited to share a recipe for something other than food! It’s a really simple recipe for kitchen & bath cleaner* that I have been using for several months. I’ve been slowly but surely swapping out aaaallllll my commercial cleaning products & beauty products out for non-toxic versions. This cleaning solution is really, really, really easy to make and it will save a ton of money since the only thing you might have to buy is white vinegar which only costs a few $$. The other ingredient is orange peel but you can eat the orange so that doesn’t really cost anything!

I got the recipe from my friend Jacqueline who is a chemistry teacher and Yoga Teacher extraordinaire. She is awesome and has tons of recipes for household products so I’ll be sharing a DIY laundry detergent recipe soon.

*I do want to mention that you should NOT use this cleaner on granite or marble because it will eat through the sealant! I have quartz (silestone) counter tops and it works great. I checked the silestone website and it indicated you can pretty much use any product except for really harsh stuff like paint thinner or battery acid. Everything in between though is fine. I have found this cleaner actually makes my counters feel much cleaner than the commercial cleaning product I had been using before.oranges in a bottle

Kitchen & Bath Cleaner
Ingredients & Supplies Needed

  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Peels from orange or lemon to fill the glass bottle
  • Glass bottle with plastic cap (don’t use a huge jar or else you will have more cleaner than you know what to do with)
  • Empty spray bottle
  • Funnel if you have one

Find a large glass jar or container. I used my weck juice jar as pictured above which worked OK but isn’t ideal since it has a narrow neck. In the future I will use a large glass jar I got from IKEA. Stuff glass jar full of orange rind. Pour vinegar into bottle, covering all the orange rind. Cover with plastic cap. Store in the pantry for 2 weeks minimum, shaking daily.

Once the vinegar is ready, mix at a 1:1 ratio with water by pouring the vinegar into an empty spray bottle (this is where a funnel comes in handy), filling it half way. Fill the rest of the spray bottle with water. See, super easy!

This is my funnel.


I really love my funnel because it breaks apart into 3 separate funnels depending on what type of project I have going on. My husband got it for me. What a guy, right? It came from Harmon’s (grocery store in Utah) and I don’t know how I ever got along without it.

A while ago I mentioned that over the summer we got new kitchen counter tops and installed a tile backsplash and I never did share pictures! Well, in the photo above you can see said counter tops and backsplash! It’s very light and I love it. This is what my kitchen looked like before (so clean, haha!) and I don’t seem to have an after picture with a clean kitchen. before

BUT what I also want to say is that when we got the counter installed we also got a new sink. We opted for the single basin sink and OMG it’s the greatest thing ever.


Also featured in the above photo is our new reverse osmosis water filter. I’ll probably save details of that for another day but for any of my friends struggling with acne I think this reverse osmosis filter has had an incredibly positive impact on my skin. Mainly because city/ground water contains a lot of endocrine (hormone) disruptors and this filter removes all the nasty stuff like arsenic & lead. My skin had gotten pretty good before I got this filter but now it’s like GOOD good and very rarely breaks out.

And last, here is my guapito as I call him (my little handsome).


That’s all I have for this week. Bye for now!