How to make a week’s worth of chicken in under 3 minutes!

seal face This is my face when I realize it’s somehow June already. And it’s Friday! Last month flew by and I’m still waiting for it to feel like summer. I feel like I haven’t really done any summer-y things since it rained almost every day last month (which was a good thing).

Here is a recap of the last few weeks.

We finally finished all 7 seasons of Sons of Anarchy. Phew! By the end we weren’t even invested in the show we just wanted to finish it! Now we are looking forward to watching some lighter, less violent shows.

My hairstylist is more like a magical hair-wizard and did this gorgeous “melt” on me last weekend. My hair will never look this perfect again unless she styles it so I had to photograph it.


This week the husband and I celebrated our second anniversary and as promised, we went BIG with a French Chocolate Buttercream Cheesecake/Chocolate Cake. It weighed about 15 pounds and gave me a stomach ache. But it was sooooo worth it. If you are going to have dessert, make it count! Now it’s mostly in our freezer. Probably we won’t get any more enormous cakes but it sure was fun!


This also marks our 1 year anniversary of getting Rocco! Last weekend we picked up a doggy pool from Petsmart but so far he hasn’t figured out the point of it. He still thinks it’s just a big drinking bowl! That’s my husband playing with a tennis ball in the dog pool 😉


Ok, and now on to this video! The comment I hear most often regarding healthy eating is: I don’t have time to cook. 

So I decided to make a video of how I make chicken every week and to time myself. It took me 2 minutes and 37 seconds to make an entire week’s worth of chicken! And yes, this is just plain ol’ chicken, but you can eat in dozens of different ways.

Here are some of my favorite ways to eat chicken:

  1. With pesto
  2. With sun dried tomato pesto
  3. With brussels sprouts
  4. In salad
  5. With grilled vegetables and balsamic vinegar

But really the options are endless. I make this chicken every Sunday and when I’m feeling lazy I tell myself “it will only take 3 minutes!”.

Crockpot Chicken Recipe

  • Organic chicken breasts (about 4lbs from Costco!)
  • Drizzle of olive oil (2 tablespoons ish)
  • Ample douse of lemon juice (1/2 cup ish)
  • Salt to taste (optional)
  • Pepper to taste (optional)

You really can’t go wrong with the quantities. The goal is to have enough liquid in the pot so the chicken doesn’t dry out. Cook on HIGH for 3 hours or until cooked through. You can also cook on low for about 7 hours but the chicken tends to be more dry this way. Remove chicken breasts from slowcooker and store in a covered, glass dish. You can also shred the chicken immediately which is great for tacos.

That’s it! If you have a crockpot and never use it, give this a try! Have a great weekend!



2 thoughts on “How to make a week’s worth of chicken in under 3 minutes!

  1. Questions about the chicken: Can you taste the lemon in the chicken after it’s done? Sam is so picky about flavors and one he doesn’t like is lemon on meat. I love it! If you didn’t eat all the chicken, could you freeze some cooked pieces and thaw later, maybe heat up in microwave? Is this chicken from Costco fresh or frozen?

    Thanks for all your cooking and other ideas. I use so many of them. Right now I’m trying your favorite shampoo/conditioner brand. It is soooo expensive but I decided I’m worth it. You need so little it seems like it’ll last a long time. I also got it on one of their sales. I hope it’ll extend the life of my color.

    P.S. Your hair is beautiful in the picture above and you in the kitchen–cute!

    Kathy Wetzel

    • You are absolutely worth it! And that shampoo will last a really long time. The chicken from Costco is fresh. It comes in 3 pouches so you could cook one or two pouches and freeze the rest. I remove the chicken from the juice when it’s done cooking so I have never been able to taste the lemon. Plus if you serve it with something else saucy you really couldn’t taste it. I’m glad you enjoyed the video! 🙂

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