Deep, Dark, Rich, Delicious…SLEEP!!

Holy moly. I just went through and updated my recipe index for the first time in a year! No exaggeration, a year. Of course I’ve only posted like 12 recipes in the past year so it wasn’t very much work to get it updated. I’ve pretty much been slacking on this blog ever since I got Rocco! I guess we know what that means…the little guy has been keeping me busy! Here is a photo of him, deep in thought on my husbands lap.


Guess what else! Our 2 year wedding anniversary is in 2 weeks! We decided we would get a cake every year for our anniversary because we both love cake, especially one with a good frosting! There is a bakery in Salt Lake called 1luv ( and everything she bakes is pure genius and totally worth every sweet, delicious bite. The other night we spent an hour on her website trying to decide which cheesecake or cake we wanted to get. We narrowed it down to about 10 choices and then decided we needed to start celebrating more holidays with cake and made a list of upcoming holidays and which cake we would get. This year flag day will be celebrated with an oreo cheesecake, hahaha!!

My post today though is actually NOT about cake, it’s about SLEEP!

I’ve been reading about “blackout sleep” for years and why its important. I’m not going to get into the science-y part too much, you can google that and read loads of articles.

Basically, it’s better for our brains, hormones and our sleep cycle to sleep in a pitch black room. I’m talking no light whatsoever, not even the light from your smoke alarm or alarm clock. Just those little bits of light can send signals to your brain so it thinks it’s really daylight and that it should be awake and ready for action. Why does that matter? When it’s daytime your brain makes cortisol-which is good in the daytime but not so good when you are sleeping. Too much cortisol production can lead to weight gain. But more importantly, sleeping in the pitch black allows for deeper, richer sleep so you wake up refreshed, your muscles recover faster and when you get really deep sleep you don’t need as much sleep. Bonus!

For the last two years I’ve made a small effort to black out our room. I purchased blackout curtains…and that’s about it I guess. Ok, I said it was a small effort!

But then a couple months ago I put my husband on the task of blacking out our room and boy did he! He put black tape over the light on the smoke alarm and completely blacked out our window by securing the edges down and placing rolled up towels over the top of the curtains so light can’t seep in (it also keeps our room cooler during the day!).

Now when we turn the lights out you can’t even see your own hand when it’s in front of your face.

The results? Let me just tell you. After the first night of “blackout sleep” I was sold. I woke up in the morning feeling like I had gotten the deepest, most delicious sleep of my life and I couldn’t wait to do it again!

Bottom line: This is a totally worthwhile project! Purchase some blackout curtains from target or Pottery Barn Kids if you want more stylish options and start blacking out your windows. Seal up any light leaks around the door and put black tape over any lights from electronics. Try it out and see how you feel!

Have a great weekend!



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