How to make a Standing Desk

The last couple weeks I’ve been reading a book called “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle and it is MIND BLOWING! I highly recommend it as it is one of the best books I have ever read. Even if you aren’t into awakening to your life’s purpose, it’s still a fascinating read on the human mind and society.
Ironically, I was given this book as a gift about 8 years ago. I read maybe 2 pages and chucked it. Clearly I was NOT ready to be enlightened! But then a couple weeks ago I thought, you know, I’ve heard a lot of good things about that book, I should check it out. And that’s precisely what I did. I checked it out from the library because I threw my original copy away! I like the book so much I purchased a copy too so I can read it over and over again. There is so much good information in there!

Enough rambling, on to my standing desk!

By now I think everyone has heard that sitting down all day is basically one of the worst things for our bodies. If you haven’t heard about how sitting all day is killing us-google it!
Here is one great article.
Basically, research is showing that even if you exercise regularly it isn’t going to make up for sitting down all day. Well that’s a horrible thought! I exercise every day, so the idea of all this exercise basically being for nothing because I sit down all day was all the convincing I needed to make a change.
And treadmill desks are out. Studies show that just standing at your computer yields all the same benefits of walking slowly at a treadmill desk.
One of my friends switched to a standing desk and lost 15 POUNDS in 6 months. 15 pounds! He didn’t make any other changes to his diet or exercise, he just started standing up at work.
My husband has been using a standing desk for over a year. And when he gets a phone call he paces the floor. It’s surprising how all those steps add up!
Standing desks can be hundreds to even thousands of dollars depending on how fancy of a desk you want. My husband and I are cheapskates so my awesome hubby made me a desk. Here it is!

First, he just took some measurements to see what height I would want the monitor and keyboard. Second, we located this piece of wood and cut it into a large piece for the base and a small piece for the monitor.

And then my husband went to The Home Depot and purchased these metal pipes (I think from the plumbing department) to make legs.

And voila! All in all this was about $50 worth of materials.
I work in a large building and I’m always walking around so even when I sat it was never for hours at a time. I have noticed after standing all day my legs get really tired! It’s a great feeling because then I get excited to sit in my chair while I work on something that doesn’t require a computer.
Side note: remember when computers and email came out and everyone said how much less we would have to work because technology would lighten our workload…? That’s funny.
What I notice most of all though is just how good I feel. Mentally I feel more alert and I’m quick to spring into action when someone needs something from me or has a question.

And last, here are some Rocco pics! The weather has been SO nice in Salt Lake and Rocco has been taking full advantage of the sunbathing opportunities!


He is so cute with his little baby squirrel there in the picture. He has to have at least toy with him at all times. He is pretty much the most handsome dog I’ve ever seen.
Have an excellent weekend!


2 thoughts on “How to make a Standing Desk

  1. Thanks for the easy and inexpensive idea for using an existing desk to make a standing one, but even more for stressing the importance of it. I’ve been hearing about it but not paying much attention. If I stand at the computer I can justify a little bit of surfing the web!

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