My Whole30 Wrap-Up

Yesterday was the last day of my Whole30-it actually felt like it went by really fast! Here are my thoughts and observations after completing the Whole30.

1. I don’t crave or miss sugar (or stevia in my morning coffee). This is huge for me because I ALWAYS crave sugar after a meal. I love sweets. Love, love, love them. And the first couple weeks on the Whole30 were really hard for me. Now that I’m finally not craving sweets I’m not about to re-introduce them on purpose. I know the day will come when I’ll go dietary off-roading but until then I’ll keep drinking my coffee without stevia.

2. I sleep HARD. I was a good sleeper before the Whole30 but I’ve noticed I sleep really soundly now. I don’t wake up in the night and when I wake up I usually feel rested and ready to go. Although now that it’s pitch black until about 7:45am it’s a little harder to haul my body out of bed for a morning run.

3. My skin really cleared up and my hormones seem to be regulating. This is the change I am the most happy about and the main reason I want to continue eating this way. I developed extremely bad acne around the age of 30 and even though it has improved a lot in the last year it’s still plagued me. It’s 100% hormone related so topical medication and even prescription medication haven’t helped. Now my hormones *fingers crossed* seem to be ironing themselves out. Perhaps one day I really will do a post about my acne. I even have a before picture. Doesn’t that sound like FUN?!

4. Whole30 is just a jump start. 30 days really isn’t very long. I know it’s going to take way more than a month of eating like this for my hormones to really stabilize.

5. I believe eating this “Real Food Diet” is the healthiest way of eating. I’ve read so much research in the last 30 days that support this type of eating. I still think of it as being quite plant based because you eat a ton of vegetables. But I like to call it a “Real Food Diet” because that’s what you eat. Real food.

6. Eating fat is still hard. It is still hard for me, mentally, to eat full fat coconut milk, 1/2 an avocado at 1 sitting, ghee, or (I can hardly even bring myself to type this) animal lard. I have to remind myself that eating fat does not make you fat. Vegetable oils are quite damaging as it turns out. I’m still working on this one.

7. My neck and joints feel great. But hey, they always do when I quit eating sugar and flour. This should be all the incentive I need to keep eating this way…

8. My final observation: I don’t want to stop eating this way. I honestly enjoy all the foods I’ve been eating for the past month. I haven’t gotten bored. The food is simple and flavorful and easy to prepare. My body and mind feel great (tiger blood great) and I don’t see any reason to stop! I’m sure at some point something delicious looking will come my way and when that time comes I will be ready to go dietary off-roading. But until that day I am going to continue following the Whole30 guidelines.

So there you go! Obviously I’m a huge fan of the Whole30 now. Another realization I’m having now that I’m at day 31 and no longer “obligated” to eat Whole30 style is that I want to eat this way for me, not because the Whole30 says I have to. And that’s a great feeling.

Ok, now on to more fun things, like Rocco stories!
Last week we took a trip to Jackson, Wyoming. It was my first time to Jackson and it was just a beautiful as everyone says! And since it was the off season we were able to stay at a really nice hotel that we would normally would not stay at.
I had a nasty cold the entire time so we laid really low just strolling around town, relaxing in our hotel room and walking Rocco.
Rocco LOVED the king size bed. He determined that when we are on vacation it’s ok for dogs to play and sleep on the bed. And we agreed šŸ™‚
Here he is sleeping and relaxing on the bed. We did a lot of this!




Um, in that photo of me with Rocco you can see how clear my skin has gotten!
Now my cold is gone and Rocco and I have been able to run this week. We had a great trail run over the weekend. The weather was absolutely gorgeous! This is the point in the trail when we have to turn around since it’s a watershed and dogs aren’t allowed-hence the no dog sign.

Here is Rocco after a morning run in a rare moment where he is awake but not moving.


Oh and here is a picture of Jenny Lake in Teton National Park. It was beautiful!



That’s all for now, have a great week!


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