What I’ve been eating on the Whole30

I’m on day 19 of the Whole30 already! At this point I feel like I’m running a marathon and I just hit “the wall”. Hitting mile 18 in a Marathon I feel like-Wow, I have gone really far! 18 miles! And I still have 8 more miles to go which is still a really, really long way!
But in all seriousness I am feeling good. My neck which always hurts feels like a perfectly normal, healthy neck. My ankle which also always hurts still hurts a little but feels pretty good for the most part and will now allow me to run 3 miles (woo hoo!).
Unfortunately I’m sick with a cold right now and I’m a big baby when it comes to be being sick. So I wish I could say I have incredible amounts of energy but that’s just not the case. Luckily I have a Rocco to canoodle with.

Sorry for posting a picture of the inside of my nostril.

Ok let’s get down to business. I have pretty much been eating the same thing for the past 19 days which I know sounds boring but I happen to really be enjoying everything I’m eating and it’s working for me and it’s easy so I haven’t felt like switching it up much.
I eat 3 meals a day and follow the Whole30 meal guidelines in terms of fat, protein and vegetables.

Breakfast, aka brekky
-Coffee with coconut milk (the kind from a can, not the carton)
-2 egg omelette with roasted vegetables or spinach, topped with sun dried tomato pesto.
This meal was the biggest change for me. I’m doing ok just using coconut milk in my coffee and not using any stevia. Honestly, I was just happy coffee is allowed during the Whole30! I’ve given up coffee plenty of times and I don’t like that. Eating eggs for breakfast was a HUGE change for me. I normally would have a protein shake with frozen blueberries. I’ve never been a huge fan of eggs and probably hadn’t eaten eggs in 7-10 years. At first I was just eating them plain which was pretty rough. Then I started adding that pesto and it was a total game changer. Now I wake up hungry and excited to eat breakfast.


Lunch, aka Meal 2
I’m calling this my “Tiger Blood” salad because I feel amazing after eating this salad and I look forward to it every. single. day. Here’s what I put in it:
-a ton of spinach
-organic chicken breast the size of my palm or maybe a little more (I’ve been cooking my chicken in the slow-cooker which is so easy)
-avocado (they say to use 1/2- 1 whole avocado per meal)
-a piece of fruit (I was using peaches but now pears are in season and I’m loving them!)
-balsamic vinegar, avocado oil, a splash of lemon juice, salt & pepper


Dinner is the only meal I change up from time to time. Last week I really got into eating Mahi Mahi. I consumed more fish last week than in my entire life combined. Unless you count the fish stick phase I went through the summer of 1989 after learning how to use the oven. Anyway, I started coating the fish in almond flour, dipping it in egg and then covering it in unsweetened shredded coconut and grilling it. IT’S AMAZING. It’s like a fish snickerdoodle, ha!

I’ll eat that over a big spinach salad.
Another way I’ll have the fish is just grilled plain and then topped with pesto and served with roasted vegetables.

If I’m still hungry after dinner, or if my dinner was really lean I’ll have a spoonful of coconut butter which is really tasty! It was hard for me at first to eat more fat but I quickly learned that if I didn’t eat enough fat I would be starving an hour or two later.

And that’s it! My husband and I still continue to miss wine. Every day I say something like “you know what would go with this fish?” and he says “ugh, I know”. But hey, just 11 more days to go!

It’s cooled off in Salt Lake which means Rocco has been freezing his cute little bum off. He runs around the house like a mad man so the only time I can get a photo of him is when he’s sleeping.


He loves the heat lamp now. We have to turn it down though because he will stick his nose directly on it!

He has gotten good at “burrowing” and can wedge himself under blankets, pillows or people.

He’s such a funny guy!

That’s it for now!


2 thoughts on “What I’ve been eating on the Whole30

  1. I love ready your posts and keeping up with the life of Rocco! He is so funny 🙂 I just thought I would let you know that we have another litter of puppies, so if you know anyone who wants their own little Rocco send them my way 😉 They will be ready for their new homes just in time for Thanksgiving.

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