Whole 30-Week 1

Ok, it’s confession time…I’ve been eating meat! Oh the shame! I’ll explain.

I read so much about health, fitness and nutrition I don’t even remember how this all came about. But for whatever reason I was reading about the Whole30 (google it) and got so intrigued I purchased the book and read it in about two days. I was so convinced by all their research and testimonials that I decided I just had to try it! I mean seriously, people are saying this cleanse/type of eating cures just about everything, so how could I not try it?! In the book they even say, if you are currently vegan, try this just for 30 days and see how you feel. We all know I like a good challenge. Lucky for me my husband thought it sounded like fun too so he is doing it with me!

What it is: 30 days of eating pure, real food. Each meal (3 meals a day) is centered around eating quality protein from eggs or meat. The rest of the plate is filled with vegetables (hey I like those!) and then topped with a healthy source of fat like olive oil, avocados or coconut.

What you can’t have: sugar (just 1-2 pieces of fruit a day), grains (no rice, oatmeal etc), beans, peanuts, quinoa, tofu/soy, dairy or anything that contains those items. You also aren’t allowed to make “treats” like pancakes out of approved ingredients.

So in short, it’s kind of like a paleo cleanse but with a couple major differences. First, they put a huge emphasis on eating vegetables, not just eating a ton of meat. The protein piece is important but they say to just eat a serving of meat the size of your palm (or 2) so it’s really not huge portions. Second, it doesn’t allow for paleo junk food or baked goods so you aren’t just swapping out a cookie addiction for a paleo cookie addiction. I really like how they back everything up with science. As a scientific-minded person I can’t turn my back on research. What if this is the thing?

First, my husband and I just did it for 7 days and then he had to go out of town so we took a little break since there was no way he could whole30 on his trip. So we did a whole 7. The first 3-4 days it was like having a low-grade hangover. Slight headache, low energy, brain fog. After 4 days I noticed I wasn’t hungry in between meals (usually I’m hungry every 2 hours). My husband noticed his knees felt better. I started waking up before my alarm feeling refreshed. All good things! Then he went on his trip and even though I could have gone back to eating whatever I mostly stayed on track because I felt good!

Now he’s back from his trip and we are officially on day 6 out of 30 and feeling great! I’m actually really enjoying everything I’m eating. I look forward to each meal. I feel satisfied and I’ll be darned but I haven’t been craving chocolate after dinner which normally, let’s be honest, I wolf down my dinner and then go straight to the chocolate.

I’ll do a “what I eat in a day” post soon. The hardest thing for me has been eating more fat! I’m so conditioned to think “fat is bad” since I grew up in the bagel era shunning all fat and just eating carbs. Now of course we know that is not a healthy way to eat! But when I wasn’t eating fat I was just way too hungry. As soon as I started adding more fat into my diet I felt full for much longer. Also, eating this way trains your body to use fat as a fuel source which means your body will become more efficient at using stored fat for energy too!

Ok, Rocco updates. He got neutered this week. I know, poooooooooooor Rocco, how could I?
Well he is doing just fine. They are so slick with these surgeries now a days. We got him home in the evening after his surgery and he was running around and playing like normal. The vet said he could resume normal activity right away! I don’t even think Rocco knows he has stitches because he is just going about his normal business.

It did get cold here in Salt Lake though so he doesn’t ever want to get out of bed. We have to keep him covered!

I’m still trying to make him understand that his sweatshirt will keep him warm but he still hates it. He also thinks the space heater is most certainly trying to kill him. I can’t wait for the day he realizes, oh hey, that thing is really warm!

Oh and my birthday is Saturday! I’m turning 35. Yay. Oh! And my husband and I are running a 5K trail race on Sunday! It was just about a year ago exactly that I ruptured my posterior tibial tendon and it’s finally healed enough that I should be able to run 3 miles. I’ll have to stop and take 1 walk break because it doesn’t allow me to run that far at once yet but I’m optimistic that someday it will completely be back to normal. Who knows, maybe this whole30 thingy will cure my ankle pain!

Have a great weekend! I’ll be celebrating my birthday without birthday cake OR frosting, waaaaah!!!!


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