Zucchini Pizzas

Happy Wednesday! I can’t believe it’s the end of June already. What I also can’t believe is that the first day of summer was just 4 days ago and Target already has all their outdoor/summer things on clearance! What is up with summer things being on clearance when it’s just barely the start of summer?! It’s because they have to make room for back to school items, that’s why! It was a tad depressing, but I love clearance prices so I got over it quickly.

Here is a very summer-y recipe! I got this idea from Pinterest last winter and I’ve just been waiting for grilling season to try it out. On a side note, for every 100 recipes I pin on Pinterest I probably actually make 1. Then I go back and look at my recipe board and wonder why I pinned a 10 layer funfetti cake…

These Zucchini pizzas are easy, delicious, healthy and perfect for a summer barbecue!


Grilled Zucchini Pizzas
Olive oil
Pesto sauce
Toppings as desired

Start by peeling the zucchini and then slicing it long ways into thin “pizza crusts”. I then cut the zucchini strips in half to make them easier to handle. Lightly brush both sides with olive oil and grill each side for several minutes until the zucchini is cooked and has nice grill marks on it.
Top with pesto sauce, or other sauce of your choice and top with whatever you want! Sun dried tomatoes, olives, cheese, vegan cheese, whatever you can think of!
Carefully place the zucchini “pizza’s” back on the grill to warm the toppings. I used a vegetable grilling tray so that I wouldn’t drop any zucchini in the grill which tends to happen!

Here they are preparing to go back on the grill for their final cook.

And now for the important stuff-Rocco updates!
Rocco is doing amazing! He is turning into such a well behaved, balanced puppy. He really had a break through in his potty training last week and it’s like it suddenly clicked for him. He now not only asks to go outside, but hurls his body at the back door so that it makes a really loud crashing sound when his body hits the blinds. I also hung a little bell up for him to ring but he prefers full body contact with the door.
He did so well at puppy school Saturday too. He was way ahead of the curve because he already knew his name and knew how to sit.
Now he knows sit, stay & come!
The other day I got him all suited up for his walk but he got too sleepy to walk. When this guy gets sleepy there is NO waking him up.

I tried waking him up and he covered his eyes/nose. Point taken.

Now I’m trying to teach him a very important lesson: how to sleep in. We still have a ways to go but I think he’s catching on! 🙂


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