Spring Cleaning & Garbanzo Chips

Happy Tuesday!
We had a big weekend of spring cleaning (I feel so boring and grown up starting a post like that). We got our carpet on the main floor steam cleaned so we spent a great deal of the weekend just moving furniture and cleaning and then not walking on the wet carpet.
Neither the hubby nor I are very into decorating or furniture but we bought a new bookcase/room divider thing and I think it looks pretty stylish! I saw this idea on HGTV and got inspired. Since we live in a townhouse, the main floor is the kitchen/dining/office/family room and there aren’t any walls to separate these spaces.

I like it!

Oh and that lamp on the shelf is a Himalayan Salt Lamp. It’s supposed to be a natural air purifier. Something about ions. But even if it doesn’t really do that it looks cool!

We went out to dinner and I wore those skinny jeans so here is a picture of that outfit.

The whole outfit and bag is from Francesca’s and the shoes are from Victorias Secret and they are ouch!! I got them for a wedding we are going to this summer so I’m trying to break them in. So far they are breaking me.
Nowhere near as cute as a pug. But on that note, my husband and I are both starting to have puppy fever. I flip flop a lot. One day I’ll say “I don’t think I’ll ever want another dog” and the next day I’ll be cruising the classifieds for dogs. We actually found one we really, really, really wanted but the people selling it were sketchy and sounded about 12 years old on the phone so we had to let that one go. I have the hardest time looking at dogs because I get attached to every dog I see. I told my husband there’s no point in me going to “look” at a dog. I might as well say, bring it on over, I’ll have cash ready, because there’s no way I could look at a dog and then leave without it.

I’m also starting the second week of my cleanse this week! So far it’s going pretty well. I haven’t been 100% perfect but pretty close. I made these garbanzo chips over the weekend.

They were really easy to make and tasted good but I’m not sure I would make them on a regular basis. I will probably use them as a salad topper but I feel like using regular ol’ garbanzo beans on a salad accomplishes the same thing. They would make a good snack but I could get pretty carried away and end up eating the equivalent of 1 can of beans which would be…a lot of beans.

I’ll be back soon with a great happy hour recipe and a new broccoli recipe! Oh the excitement! Have a great week!


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