Green Juice Recipe

I have spoken many times about my food phobias. That used to include most vegetables. And up until about a week ago I would have told you NO WAY could I drink green juice. Nope. Not happening. Sure I’ll put kale in a smoothie, but I’ll be sure to put some banana and blueberry in there to cover up the kale taste and color.

Now I have a juicer and even still I’ve limited my juicing to red or orange juices. I’ve been drinking beet juice (which is surprisingly good) but I still couldn’t wrap my head around a green juice. I mean, I don’t like eating raw celery let alone drinking it.

I’ve always wanted to be the kind of person who would drink green juice but I just couldn’t get there. I’ve heard about the health benefits and I’ve listened to people go on and on about how great green juice makes them feel.

Well, last week I went out to lunch with a friend and she ordered a green juice. Good for her. She’s a dietitian. Dietitians can handle that gnarly kind of thing. It was kale, ginger, celery and who knows what else. But then she made me take a drink because it was “so good” and I “had to try it”. Well I didn’t want to look like a wuss so I tried it. And you know what? It actually was good!

This is pretty much how my first guacamole experience went. First terror, then, oh that’s actually really good!

Of course the next logical step was to make my own green juice and inflict that same terror on my husband! Except he doesn’t have food phobias so he was all for trying it.

The recipe I found was off Kris Carr’s website. Her book, Crazy, Sexy Cancer is great. I remember reading it and thinking, I just can’t drink a green drink though!

Here are two ways I’ve been making green juice. Most recipes don’t give specific amounts so I guess it just depends on how brave you are feeling and how much you want to drink!

Green Juice Option 1
2 stalks celery
1/2 – 1/3 of a cucumber
3 large leaves of lacinato kale
1 large handful of parsley
1/2-1 lemon
chunk of ginger
1 green apple
(If too strong, dilute with fresh OJ)

Green Juice Option 2
2 stalks celery
1/2 – 1/3 of a cucumber
3 large leaves of lacinato kale
1 large handful of parsley
1/2-1 lemon
mix with fresh OJ to taste



Here’s the thing about green juice: it really does make you feel great! I know, I never believed people when they made those claims either! But it’s true! My husband is actually the one who brought it up. About 10 minutes after his first green juice he noticed he felt more alert and energized. I felt like I could see better and I felt very vibrant. And I couldn’t believe it either, but it tastes GOOD. Somehow the flavors all come together. It’s not sweet, but it’s definitely not pond scum (which it what I imagined).

So there you go!

Do you think Lilly needs a shot of green juice?



Enjoy the rest of the week!


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