Happy New Year from Lilly and Laura

Happy New Year!! Oh how wonderful it feels to have a fresh new year ahead! I always love that feeling of a clean slate. Especially since I’m starting the year off without a boot on my foot! I got my boot off on Friday after having it on for 11 weeks! I thought the doctor would tell me I could be without it for an hour or two a day but instead he told me I didn’t have to wear it unless my leg started hurting again and then I would just have to wear it for a couple days. I can pretty much do any activity I want “as tolerated”, too bad I can’t tolerate much yet, ha! Just kidding, I’m so excited just to be able to walk a little, do some yoga and get back into some of my activities.

Of course I have stories and healthy recipes to kick this year off but that can wait until next week. Here is a special post for Lilly.

We spent New Years Eve in downtown Salt Lake at the fancy Hotel Monaco, which was a gift from my sweet mother in law. She got us a room, meals and valet parking so we felt very spoiled. The best part was, the hotel is very pet friendly. Pet encouraged I would say.

When we arrived at check in there was a “happy hour” going on in the lobby. Lilly is all about happy hour! The attention started rolling in and children came up to her and admired her and told her she was cute. Here she is wanting to go check out happy hour while we check in.


After we checked in my husband and I got cleaned up and went to dinner. Before we headed out for the evening we took Lilly for a walk. By this time of night people had been drinking quite a bit and people were “happy drunk”. Let me tell you, Lilly was a HIT in that hotel. Turns out, drunk people love Lilly. Nobody noticed she was tilted and falling over because they were tiled and falling over too! At one point a man exclaimed, ‘Clear the hallway, PUG coming through!’. Needless to say Lilly was in heaven. Gobs of attention all on her? Best night of her life. And of course, being a pug mother, it made my night to see my little Lilly (who has had a rough couple of months) look so vibrant.
We got back to the room and she determined my suitcase was the perfect place to sleep.

Too cute to tell her no.
The next day we really made her happy by taking her to the pet store to go food shopping. She rides in the cart much like a parade princess on the back of a convertible.



Now here are some Lilly highlights from 2013!

This picture needs no explanation. It’s just cute.

Snoozing on any soft spot available.









Hanging out…

Hanging out…

Hanging out.

Crawling laps around me while I tried on my new pink snorkel gear before our honeymoon to Maui. I’d say it’s a good look.

That’s all for now. Happy New Year!!!


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