Happy Cyber Monday

Happy Cyber Monday!

I had a lovely 5 day vacation at home and guess what I did?! I made that bracelet I wanted to make! My friend had to hold my hand through the craft store, but she helped me pick out all the supplies and then sent me a how-to video so I really had no excuses!

Here is the one I wanted to copy:


And here’s the one I made:


Pretty good huh?! I am pretty proud. All the materials did cost about $36, BUT I have a bunch of material left over so if I made another one it would only be about $15. Here is the video I followed.

I also made some mouthwash over the break. I will report on that later. I feel like such a weirdo for typing that line…
We also watched a lot of Dexter. We just have one more season to watch. That show is so suspenseful I can hardly take it! But I love it.

Alright, here are some long overdue Lilly photos and stories!

A couple months ago Lilly got really sick with what looked like a stroke, but the vet (not her normal vet) told us it was “old dog vestibular syndrome” and told us it would go away on its own in about 3 weeks and to just wait it out. It’s some inner ear condition that causes the dog to be extremely dizzy and off balance. Lilly had an ear infection about 3 weeks prior to this old dog syndrome diagnosis, but the vet didn’t think they were related. So we waited a couple weeks and she wasn’t getting better, in fact it looked like she had a really bad ear infection. SO, we took her back to the vet (to her regular doc) and he diagnosed her with a raging ear infection and started her on antibiotics and ear drops. Antibiotics and ear drops didn’t even touch this ear infection so he put her on even stronger antibiotics which STILL did nothing. The good news is that while all this was going on Lilly wasn’t bothered in the least. She seemed to feel fine, she just had a tilted head and poor balance. Then about a week ago the vet prescribed some different ear drops and FINALLY her ear is doing MUCH better! She still has a tilted head and poor balance but I’m hoping she will equalize soon and get her land legs back.

So it’s great news, she’s just as cute and funny as ever, here are some pictures and videos!


A couple weeks ago my husband was out of town and Lilly was constantly going over to the stairs to look for him. So sweet. We have this curtain hung up to keep the draft from the lower level out.

Here’s what it looks like on the other end:

Looking up the stairs for him:

She won’t do stairs any more. I think it’s too hard with her poor balance. Except sometimes she will walk up the stairs when we aren’t looking. But if we are watching she pretends like she is scared. She’s such a faker.


Here’s a really silly video montage of Lilly which looks more like an “in memory of” kind of video, but I promise she’s fine.

And last, here is a video of Lilly falling asleep in the bathtub! She likes to sit right under the faucet and then lay down as much as possible. I have to keep an eye on her!

Ok, find some good cyber deals today! I’ll be back with some healthy recipes!


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