Guilt Free Pizza



I got the idea of putting salad greens on a pizza from Pinterest. I saw a pin that said “Carrie Underwoods guilt free pizza” but it was just a tortilla with cheese melted on it and then topped with lettuce. Um, I think we can do better than that.

I get a lot of ideas from Pinterest these days. In fact, over the weekend I made my second batch of homemade “gummies” after seeing hundreds of pins for how to make your own healthy gummies. All the posts make it look and sound super easy so a few weeks ago I gave it a try. The thing they don’t tell you is how many of those molds you will need to make all those gummies! Let me tell you, you will need A LOT. I only had 2 little molds so that was my first problem. The other thing they don’t tell you is that you will make a huge mess pouring the mix into those little trays. They also don’t tell you to make sure you have room in your fridge before you get started.
Over the weekend I gave it a second shot and they turned out much better. The downside of that was I ate the final product in less than 10 minutes. It was a small batch, but still. Totally not worth the time, mess or effort. Moving on.

Ok, pizza!

A while ago the hubby and I were in the mood for pizza but I was feeling way too lazy to make a sauce so we just used ingredients we had on hand and let me tell you, it was the best pizza I’ve ever had in my life! Straight up delicacy right here.

I used pre-made dough from Trader Joes but Whole Foods has a good one too. Or you can make your own dough if you have some spare time on your hands.

I cut the dough into 2-3 pieces so we end up with personal pizzas. The dough needs to sit at room temperature for about 20 minutes before you start rolling it out. After it sits out for 20 minutes, don’t knead it or else it will get way too tough. Lightly flour your countertop and just start rolling the dough into pizza shape. Pick it up with your hands and stretch it out, then roll it some more. Try to get it as thin as possible. When it’s nice and thin sprinkle some cornmeal on a baking sheet and put the dough on the baking sheet. Preheat the oven to 500˚F.
Obviously you can put anything you want on pizza, but here’s what I did.

1. Brush the dough with olive oil
2. Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste
3. Smear on some crushed garlic
4. Sprinkle on fresh rosemary
5. Top with chopped sun dried tomatoes
6. Top with thin slices of zucchini
7. Add some chopped fresh basil

Bake for 8-10 minutes watching for the crust to start to brown but not burn.

Remove pizza from the oven and top with mixed green and then drizzle with balsamic vinegar.


We just got a new grill and pizza stone so we have been cooking everything we can on the grill. So fun! If you want to use a grill and pizza stone, preheat the grill to 500˚F, dust the pizza stone with cornmeal and put it in the grill to heat up. Prepare the pizza on a silicone baking mat also dusted with cornmeal. Then when the pizza is ready to go onto the hot pizza stone it will just slide right off the mat and onto the stone. Bake for 8 or so minutes then use a large metal spatula (for grills) to get the pizza out of the grill.

Lilly still has an ear infection but it doesn’t seem to bother her. She’s still perky as a pistol. I might have made that expression up.

Have a safe and fun halloween week and try not to eat too many fun sized candy bars! I purposely bought halloween candy I hate so that I wouldn’t eat any. I got sour patch kids to hand out. Disgusting. I feel bad handing out candy. I would rather hand out dental floss but I know people hate that, haha!



Hi, I’m hurt!

Hi it’s me, the lazy blogger and I’m back again after another long break!

A week or so ago I mentioned I hurt my ankle and was on crutches. Well I’m off crutches now but I am in one of those hard plastic boots and will remain in one until December 27 or maybe even longer!

I don’t even have a cool or exciting story to tell about hurting myself. I basically just took a step (I wasn’t even trail running, I really just took a step -ok, a hard step) and felt a POP inside my lower leg. I knew right away it was bad news because I couldn’t bear any weight on it and it swelled instantly. The pain was crushing.

Now I’ve had an MRI and met with a surgeon so I have more details. Turns out I ruptured my posterior tibial tendon. The doctor gave me the option of getting surgery right away or waiting a couple months, wearing a boot and then doing physical therapy to see if it will heal enough on it’s own. I chose the non surgery option and I am hopeful it will heal.

So aaaaaaanyway. No working out for me for a couple months. At least nothing that involves my legs anyway. At first I was really upset about that but then after I really thought about it, I decided 10 weeks isn’t really that long and to be quite honest, I’m now looking forward to not being sore for the next 10 weeks. I’m also really excited to read some books, watch tv, stretch and SLEEP! You know, those aspects of wellness I normally neglect. So don’t feel sorry for me, I’m doing fine! Except since I can’t work out I have to be really extra diligent about what I eat which means no treats. Expect some really healthy recipes to come soon.

Lilly is doing great too! She is still battling an ear infection which gives her a tilted head (so cute) and makes her stumble (also darling) but I can tell she feels really good and she has tons of energy her normal amount of energy. She is quite perky in the morning but then settles in for her morning nap after being awake for about 30 minutes.

Here she is doing her donut impression.

I tell ya, being sick hasn’t hurt her looks one bit.
Here she is napping with her buddy in the background photo bombing her.

I have a really great and healthy pizza recipe to share but this post just got way too long so it will have to wait until another day.

Until then, I’ll be on the couch with my leg propped up reading a book!

Sizzling tofu salad with orange sesame dressing

Gosh I’ve been a bad blogger again! Things have been busy and perhaps just a little crazier than usual. Lilly is doing MUCH better. She is almost back to her old self, she just has a tilted head and walks a little sideways and falls over from time to time. But she is basically her usual self. Except she will now only eat her dry dog food if we put water on it and make it mushy. Gross.

And then there was one day last week where I drove over a huge screw on the freeway on my way to work and then was of the side of I15 with a flat tire in the rain.

Oh! But then last weekend was my birthday and we went to Idaho to visit my grandma and my hubby bought me a new wedding ring because I broke mine.

And then this weekend I majorly jacked up my ankle and now I’m on crutches.

So, lots of stories, I’ll elaborate more later. Until then, I will only be preparing foods I can make sitting down. And salads.

I really enjoying making my own dressings. It’s just soooooo much cheaper (and healthier)! This dressing is extremely easy to make. It takes about 1 minute to assemble the ingredients and blend it. And it’s good. Like restaurant good. A couple years ago I ate at this restaurant called Pomegranate in Phoenix and all I really remember about the salad I had was that:

1. It had cubes of tofu in it
2. It had mandarin oranges in it
3. I could eat it every day of my life

I think about that salad often and wanted to make a tofu salad of my own. I determined a tofu salad needed a sesame based dressing, not olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Are you feeling me? I sure hope so.

One of the main ingredients in this dressing is miso. Miso is a fermented brown rice paste. It’s supposed to be crazy good for you. I’ve also heard if you feel a cold coming on you should drink some miso broth pronto because it could magically make the cold go away! I keep my miso paste in the freezer and I do use it from time to time. You get it in the refrigerated section of the health food store. There are all different kinds: sweet, brown, red, white. I think mine is “sweet white” but any kind will do.

A few weeks ago I was walking Lilly and a boy about 8-9 years old came up and asked if he could pet Lilly. Of course I said yes. He instantly became quite smitten with her and he kept holding her face in his hands and saying, “Why is it so cute?!, WHY is it so CUTE?!?!”

My sentiments exactly kid. I’ve been asking that same question for over 10 years.


This will make a very small batch (3-5 servings) so multiply as needed.

Creamy Orange Sesame Dressing
1 tablespoon miso paste
1 tablespoon tahini
3 tablespoons orange juice
1 tablespoon water
1 teaspoon tamari
1/4 teaspoon ground ginger

Sizzling tofu salad
cooked tofu
Mixed greens
Red cabbage
Dressing to taste

Alrighty, more good things to come! Have a great week!