Peanut Udon Stir-Fry

Well there was no shortage of drama at our house last week. Lilly had another brush with death. This time I really thought she was going to be a gonner.

I came downstairs Tuesday morning to make coffee and greet Lilly, but instead she was in her bed and couldn’t stand and was shaking like crazy. I thought for sure she must have had a stroke because her head was tilted to one side and she had no motor skills whatsoever. Her eyes twitched back and forth really fast and when she tried to stand she would fall down. It was so terrifying. I of course was in tears, sure my dog was dying. Luckily my husband is much more calm and rational and called the vet and kept telling me not to count her out until we heard what the vet had to say.

An hour later we were at the vet’s office and I was expecting the worse and completely sure this was it for Lilly. The vet checked her out and then said it looks like “Old Dog Vestibular Syndrome” and that she would be just fine. Huh? Apparently it’s like dog vertigo and has to do with the inner ear and it goes away within a couple weeks. Most dogs make a full recovery and there’s no treatment for it.

Oh, ahem. My dog is fine. Or she will be anyway.

She started getting better pretty quickly. It’s been 6 days and now she’s basically like a tiny little drunk walking around the house. She stumbles quite a bit and she’s kind of demanding and you have to remind her to drink water and eat. But otherwise, she’s pretty much back to her old self.

Ok, I just have to share a couple Lilly photos then I’ll talk about this Stir-Fry, which is amazing and oh so comforting and it’s vegan and FODMAP friendly and filling and yummy.

This is a picture of Lilly on the day I got her (almost 10 years ago to the day!). I lived in a condo in Los Angeles so I made a little potty patch for her. She hated it and never once used it. She has never liked grass. So then I got a dog litter box and she loved it. She used a litter box for the first 4 years of her life.

Cutest thing ever, right?

She loved bubble baths when she was younger. And playing in the ocean.


Ok, let’s talk Stir-Fry, one of my favorite topics. I’ve still been spiralizing everything in sight. This meal is really easy to make and you can use any vegetables you like! This recipe will provide lunch for the week and only takes about 30 minutes to put together.

Peanut Udon Stir-Fry
1 8 oz package udon or soba noodles (or brown rice noodles or brown rice)
1 16 oz package tofu, cooked (feel free to double the tofu if you like)
2 large carrots, spiralized (or other vegetables)
4 zucchini, spiralized (or other vegetables)
1 Tablespoon coconut oil

1 can coconut milk (light or regular)
1/2 cup peanut butter
2 tablespoons tamari
2 tablespoons rice vinegar
2 teaspoons red pepper flakes

First, start the noodle cooking process. In the meantime, dice up the tofu and get it cooking in some coconut oil (my oil of choice these days).
While the noodles and tofu cook, spiralize or chop whatever vegetables you want to use and set aside.
Make the sauce by combining all the sauce ingredients in a sauce pan and heating over medium heat and stirring until smooth. Remove from heat and set aside.
Now the noodles and tofu should be done. Rinse the noodles and set aside. Put the tofu in a bowl and set it aside too.
In the large frying pan used for the tofu, sauté the vegetables in coconut oil until desired tenderness is achieved.
Last, toss everything together in a large pot, bowl or whatever you have large enough to hold it all. Heat through and serve or store in the fridge for lunches.

Have a great week!


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