Birthdays and Closets

I have been kind of a bozo blogger lately. Not that I haven’t been doing stuff…I just haven’t been doing anything terribly interesting!

But I’ll write about it anyway and show pictures of my closets. Who doesn’t want to look inside other people’s closets!?

That reminds me: the parade of homes is going on right now.

My hubby turned 33 last week! I got him this awesome cake from city cakes (yum) and had them decorate it with a paraglider. So cute. But being a klutz, I picked the cake up, walked to my car, tried to carefully set the cake IN the car but instead dropped it upside down. DOH!
There wasn’t too much damage though 🙂

A couple days earlier Miss Lilly turned 10! I got her a special bone for her birthday but she had no interest in it and just whined for one of her regular bones. Diva.

This is exciting. I ordered prints of all our wedding and honeymoon pictures AND put them in a photo album. And THEN we picked out our favorites and framed them and now we have pictures on our walls! That might not sound too mind blowing but for us it seemed like a big deal. It makes me wonder though, how many pictures of yourself should you have hanging in your own home?

And then I went on a closet cleaning spree. When I moved into my husbands house we just kind of unloaded everything but didn’t really get it organized.
So check this out!

First, we got this shoe rack from Lowe’s and put all our shoes in the garage! My shoe collection is pretty pitiful.

Then, I organized my husbands closet where he keeps all his paragliding and speed flying gear.

Then I worked on the upstairs closets. When I moved in I put all my clothes in the guest room closet. The closet in the master bedroom had his clothes and boxes and boxes of paperwork and business stuff.

I took a big step and moved all my clothes into the master bedroom closet:

And now the guest closet has everything else.

I recycled one of my husbands fancy storage boxes. It appears it expired in 2010 🙂

Now there’s just one closet left, but I’m scared to go in it. Look…it’s like a black hole!

Was that boring or what? Sorry. I swear I have good recipes on the way.
Have a great weekend!


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