Summer cleanse time!

Ok, before I bore you with the details of yet another one of my cleanses I have to tell a funny story. Shortly after I started dating my now husband, he came over to my house and met Lilly for the first time. So, he came over to my house and when he sat down on the sofa, Lilly promptly hopped on the sofa, climbed to the back of it and got right up next to him and put her ARM on his shoulder and then rested her chin on his shoulder!

She totally put the moves on my man! She had never done that before in her life and she has never done it since! She was like, ‘thanks for bringing me a boyfriend, mom!’
Anyway, it was too funny and I just came across that picture and had to tell that story.

Ok, if you want to know what I’m eating these days, read on…

When we were in Maui it’s safe to say I overindulged a bit. I don’t regret it even a little by the way. It was a vacation after all! Plus I love trying different foods when I’m in a new place.

We brought our magic bullet with us along with some vanilla vega sport. Once we got to the island we hit up Costco and whole foods (I LOVE going to grocery stores in new places, are you with me on that or is that weird?). It saved us hundreds of dollars making our own breakfast and lunch. But, then we would go out to dinner every night. Date night! I usually just had salad, but restaurant salads can be huge and it’s still easy to over eat. We also got on a French fry kick and I’m pretty sure we had French fries every day. We do love fries. We also found this incredible coffee/gelato place that served vegan chocolate gelato! We probably went there 7 times. Too good! They made this iced macadamia nut, dark chocolate latte…pure heaven in a cup I tell you. And then there were all the chocolate covered macadamia nuts! We felt it was our personal responsibility to try every variety and every brand. Tough job but someone has to do it :). Don’t you love how all my plant-based-ness goes out the window as soon as chocolate arrives on the scene?

Anyway, all that was a long way of saying, by the end of the trip I was feeling really excited about getting home and getting back on track! I just felt like it was time to do a cleanse since its been a while. The cleanse I do isn’t hard core at all. It’s more like being grounded from sugar and wheat for 3 weeks. I started two weeks ago and I feel really good! The first week I was 100% good. This last week I fell off the wagon a few times because I got into the chocolate covered macadamia nuts. :). But I just pick up and move on. The point is, do the cleanse, don’t expect to be 100% perfect. Any improvement is an improvement.

So here’s what I’m eating on this cleanse:
Breakfast: Tropical paradise protein shake
Lunch: Brown rice, tofu, stir fry veggies (from the frozen food section at the grocery store) drizzled in this peanut sauce
Snack: 1 scoop of vega sport but sometimes I’m not hungry and don’t eat it. Or sometimes I eat a Lara Bar.
Dinner: A big salad. Lots of greens, guacamole for a dressing, throw a Dr. Praeggers veggie burger on there or some quinoa salad.

Furthermore, I’m really trying to drink more water these days! I have this 800ml water bottle and my goal is to drink 3 of those a day. Also, I’m not shying away from fat. I’m eating my share of almond butter, peanut sauce and guacamole. Eating fat really makes you feel full and therefore crave less sugar!

Thanks for hanging in through this post! I’ll have more recipes coming next week. Enjoy the hot weather this weekend!


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