Just Mauied

Aloha, I’m back from my honeymoon!

Ok, technically we did not get Mauied because we got married in Salt Lake, but we went to Maui the next day so it’s fun to say we got Mauied.

Let me tell you all about it!

We got married on Monday, June 3 at Solitude Ski Resort. It was AMAZING! It was an absolutely perfect day. We had a private ceremony, meaning it was just the two of us (no guests). When I tell people that they either think it’s the smartest idea in the world or the saddest thing they’ve ever heard. For us it was just perfect. We wanted to be able to focus on each other 100% without any distractions or stress. And that is exactly what we got.

Our officiant, Anita was the best. She was so professional and made us feel really comfortable (even when I cried. I’m a crier.) We also had a photographer, Katie there to capture the moment. She takes the most beautiful pictures. I swear, you could be in the most un-scenic place in the world wearing zero makeup and she would make you look fabulous. If you are getting married, look these two up!

After the wedding we picked up our little wedding cake from City Cakes, my favorite vegan bakery and met up with our parents for lunch. We had a really nice time celebrating and it really couldn’t have been any more perfect.

Ok, now I wish I had a photo of us I could post, I really do. But my husband (love saying that!) can’t have photos of himself on the interwebs because of his job and what kind of person crops their husband out of their wedding photo?! I just can’t do it. So sorry, no wedding photo yet 😦

The next morning we headed to Maui! It was my first time to Hawaii and let me tell you, it did not disappoint!

We stayed at the Hyatt, right on the beach!


They gave us an ocean view room and this place was seriously amazing. There were penguins in the lobby. And talking parrots. I could write a novel about the honeymoon but I will spare you. Here is a bullet list instead of what we did!
-ate tons (and tons) of good food!
-husband went paragliding (I watched)
-lots of snorkeling
-lots of playing in the ocean and pool
-we took a helicopter ride around the island!
-we took a bus tour around the island too!
-we went to a luau and ate more food 🙂
-we worked out

We did so much fun and exciting stuff, but my favorite part was ordering room service and having coffee on the balcony with my new husband. 🙂 I know I’m a cheese ball, but you guys, I love him so much!
Maui is so beautiful! Big hats are a must there 🙂


Ok, this is long now, so I’ll stop there. Recipes and good stuff to come soon!


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