Quick & Easy Peanut Curry

I have a confession.

I got eyelash extensions.

Please, let me explain.

A few months ago I started reading all these beauty blogs to learn how to put on makeup for my wedding. I know it’s sad that at the age of 33 I’m just now learning how to put on makeup via youtube videos. I get that.

Anyway, so all these beauty bloggers led me to believe that eyelash extensions are a straight up necessity if you are getting married. Like, don’t even try to get married unless you have eyelashes.

So here is mistake #1: I purchased eyelash extensions off a groupon from a business that didn’t have any reviews. I know better, I really do.

Mistake #2: The salon was in Provo. I’M KIDDING! Provo is awesome. Oh my heck.

Mistake #3: I told the girl I wanted “natural looking lashes, nothing wild” but didn’t check to see what she was going to apply.

Mistake #4: I didn’t run out the door when the girl applying them said she had never had extensions herself, in fact, she has never even worn mascara…and she’d only been doing this for 6 months.

The process wasn’t enjoyable at all. It took nearly 2.5 HOURS. She taped the bottom eyelashes down so as to not glue my eyes shut, but when she took the tape off it took my skin off too. Scabby under-eyes are a good look, don’t you think?

Then I was done and I got up and looked in the mirror and about FELL OVER!! She had applied thick, dark, LONG, bristles to every.single.eyelash. I looked like I had shrubs growing out of my eyes. There was nothing even remotely natural looking about these things. Nothing.

I walked outside and my new lashes blew in the wind.

So I went home and trimmed them down a good 1/4 inch. That helped some. Then I googled how to removed eyelash extensions but decided against that route since I really don’t want NO eyelashes. Crazy lashes are better than no lashes at this point. And 2 weeks from now when I get married many will have fallen out and I shouldn’t be looking so silly.

And on the bright side, these lashes are all people see when they look at me so I could have the biggest zit in the world on my face and nobody would notice which is nice because that’s exactly what I have right now! Luckily I’ve been watching beauty tutorials so I’m super good at covering blemishes now 🙂

And my biggest take away from this situation is that I instantly realized that I really prefer my face and lashes all natural. Getting these extensions didn’t make me like my appearance more and I’m happy about that.

I know after that story you probably want to see them. I have to say, in pictures they don’t look that bad. And also it’s been a few days so quite a few have come out so they aren’t as bushy as they were 4 days ago.

Oh and on a side note: they are such a pain when I wash my face! They get all twisted and hang down over my eyes! There’s no way I could play in the ocean with these silly things! So I’m glad I got them 2 weeks before the wedding. I would have been spazzing out if I had gotten them only a few days before.

Alright, I was outside planting some plants so that’s why I’m wearing a hat.


Lilly just loooves working in the yard. She manages to find a soft place to lay even when she’s outside.


And here’s a recipe for yet another curry!

Quick & Easy Peanut Curry

2 pounds extra firm tofu (refrigerated kind) prepared
2 pounds vegetables. I used 1 pound french green beans & 1 pound broccolini but you can use whatever you want. Carrots, onions, peppers etc.
1 can coconut milk (regular or light)
3 tablespoons PB2
2 tablespoons red curry paste
1 teaspoon curry powder
1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
2 tablespoons peanut butter
1/3- 1/2 cup water

Cook the tofu and set aside.
In a large frying pan over medium heat, add the coconut milk, PB2, curry paste, curry powder, red pepper flakes and peanut butter. Stir to combine. Add the vegetables and cook for a few minutes (it will depend of the type of veggie used but I only cooked mine about 3 minutes). Thin down with water as desired and salt to taste. Add the tofu to the mixture and serve with brown rice.



4 thoughts on “Quick & Easy Peanut Curry

  1. Hey there, it’s your Aunt Sherri Goss in Georgia, and I just wanted you to know I am still reading your blog, and trying your recipes. Your site is a great pick-me-up when I’m having a blah day. About the lashes, I was at a McDonalds getting a coffee last weekend, and the girl behind the counter had lost all of her lash extensions except for one glob. Was the craziest thing I have ever seen….hard not to stare. SG

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