Photo Tour of the New House

Happy Friday!
I finally got my act together and snapped a few pictures of our home!

Its one of those cute little 3 story townhomes just exactly like my former townhome. It’s so funny that we had matching homes when we met. They are both 2 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 3 stories with a 2 car garage and about 1600 square feet. We both love the townhouse lifestyle. Did I mention this one is right by a huge network of trails for mountain biking and trail running? It’s also right by a flight park where my future hubby paraglides. It’s an awesome park where he goes to fly and Lilly and I mingle with other dogs/humans and watch him fly. It’s the best!

The layout of the home is 3 stories. The bottom story is a 2 car garage with an area large enough for my fiancé’s gym and tons of storage space. Walk up 1/2 a flight of stairs and there’s the front door. Walk up the other 1/2 flight of stairs and that brings us to the main floor.

Here is the living room:

There’s that great entertainment unit my dad built.

On the other side of that room is the kitchen/dining area. But we don’t have a dining table. We thought about this a lot and wondered many times what people would think of us for not having a dining table. It seems like nobody ever uses dining tables, including us. We decided we didn’t care what anybody thought and so instead we have a second living room:

This is also a fabulous sunbathing location. This is our coffee drinking couch. I love that couch. It’s the weekend, hang out and enjoy life couch.

Across from the “coffee couch” is the kitchen:

See, there’s an island there where we eat all our meals. No need for a table! This kitchen is surprisingly spacious. I was really worried all my kitchen appliances/pans/food etc wouldn’t fit but it somehow seems to have more space than my old kitchen. I think it’s that huge corner pantry. It seriously has so much space and it’s not even close to being full.

And then right outside we have a cute little patio! The nice thing about this townhouse is that we don’t have any neighbors behind us, we have this hill and deer actually roam around back there all the time!


I got us some patio furniture and I’m starting to grow some lettuce in my big pots. We are allowed to fence off our little “yard” and we are working on getting that approved right now. When that happens it will be great because Lilly will be able to go outside unsupervised (not that she goes anywhere when unsupervised) and we will be able to have a small garden.

Obviously this is another good sunbathing spot. And if you look at the right side of that picture you can see part of my fiancé’s leg and hand! Oh he is so cute, I wish I could show you his face!

Funny side story. Over the weekend I clipped Lilly’s nails, which she HATES. After I was done cutting them she refused to come back in the house or come near me so she hid behind this tree. Can you see her? I think this was her version of running away from home! Such a drama queen!


Let’s move upstairs. Upstairs has the 2 bedrooms, each with it’s own bathroom (convenient, yes?) and the laundry closet. I took over the guest room and guest bathroom and filled the closet with clothes and the bathroom with pink things that smell good. I love that stuff!

This is part of the girl room. I just have a reading chair and a desk and bookcase in there. It’s a lovely space with lots of sunlight. I love having my own little room to hang out in and paint my nails and do whatever it is girls do. 🙂

Here is the master bedroom. I absolutely love it!

The bed and nightstands came from IKEA and I love how simple and functional they are. The “I love you” is vinyl lettering I ordered off Amazon. I’m not good at decorating and I don’t like spending money on decorating either so vinyl lettering is right up my alley!

That’s it! Thank you for taking the time to read through all this and look at our home!

Have a great weekend!


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