What I’m Eating This Week

Happy Monday!

It is now just FIVE WEEKS until my wedding day! Can you believe that?! Time is flying by! I’m so excited and focused on getting married that I almost forget we are heading to Maui the next day! I am so so so excited for all of it!

I hardly spent any time in the kitchen this weekend because it’s beautiful outside and I would rather be out and about than in the kitchen. So I thought I would just do a quick post about what I’m eating this week.

I teach a class called CRUSH and it is a seriously intense 5 week long fitness class. A new session just started today so I want to welcome all the CRUSHers to my website! I hope you get some good ideas and enjoy my pug dog. 🙂

Since the class starts at 7am that means I will now pack my breakfast and lunch with me to work. Magic Bullet is coming too!

Breakfast: This protein shake. Although I ran out of peppermint flavor so I’m using almond extract instead. It’s delicious. It takes like chocolate covered cherries.
Lunch: Pesto over brown rice pasta noodles. This is hands down the best recipe on my website.
Snack: Sliced cucumbers with hummus. I always hear people say to only eat a couple tablespoons of hummus. Why? Probably because commercially made hummus is packed with oil and weird stuff. Make this hummus and eat up. Besides, we need fat in our diet.
Dinner: Mixed greens with a Dr. Praeger’s Veggie Burger topped with my spicy aoili sauce. The best sauce of all time.

When I run out of pesto pasta I will start making these wraps again since I have all the ingredients on hand.

My ankle is still injured so as far as workouts go I will be swimming, cycling and doing some yoga and strength training this week. I did go back to the doctor and it turns out I have carpal tunnel in my ankle. Tarsal tunnel. I had no idea that was a thing. The good news is, the doctor gave me some exercises to do on my own to strengthen up my foot muscles since they have gotten really weak over the last year and it’s starting to feel a lot better so I might be up and running again in another 1-2 weeks!

And now for the good stuff: Lilly pics.

We have caught her TWICE now sleeping like this.


And with the weather being so sunny she spends a lot of her day doing this:


Have a great, sunshine filled week!


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