Personal Life Updates

I have so many great updates to share, I am so excited! Let’s get started.

Update 1: Our wedding is just 10.5 weeks away! Time is flying by and I am SO EXCITED!!! There is nothing left to do as far as wedding planning goes so my my primary focus is just on being in great shape for that wedding day and the honeymoon! I will post some workouts very soon. I am also trying really hard to not eat sugar. I don’t want to do a full on cleanse so I’m just trying to behave myself as much as I can. Sugar is such a weakness for me, but I am trying! I heard sugar is as addictive as heroin…I belive it.

Update 2: I put my house up for sale! I would LOVE to have my house sold by the time we get married but you can’t really set goals for that sort of thing. Once I decided to put my house up for sale I realized it would be hard to keep it spotless at all times for showings, plus having a dog and dog bed and dog bowl in the house is not good for selling a home. Which leads me to exciting update number 3…

Update 3: I moved in with my fiance! We are so happy to finally be living together. It’s a day we have been looking forward to for a long time and it is so nice! His (I mean, our) house is farther from my work but it only added about 5 minutes to my commute time and it’s well worth that extra 5 minutes. I can head out the front door and be to a paved running path in minutes. Or I can head out the front door on my mountain bike and ride to the best trails in Salt Lake in a few minutes. I have always wanted to live close to running/biking trails and now I finally do! Plus I live with the man of my dreams so that’s a bonus 🙂 Lilly loves the new house because it has much better sun opportunities.


Update 4: A few days after I moved all my stuff into my fiance’s house I was cleaning up from dinner and I noticed a weird bubble in the ceiling paint and pointed it out. It turns out a seal in the toilet upstairs had broken and the toilet had been busy filling and FLOODING for a few hours. That resulted in tearing the ceiling out that night. The carpet in the bedroom had to be pulled up too because water had gotten under there. We spent the next week living out of the spare room since the rest of the house was torn up. So I feel like we are getting some good “tests” thrown at us, ha! The ceiling is fixed now and I will post some pictures of the house as soon as it’s a bit more organized.


Well that was a lot of words so I will end there. More stories, workouts and healthy recipes coming soon! Woo hoo!


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