Foam Rolling Tutorial plus Pugs Gone Wild

I finally made that foam rolling tutorial for the hips and thighs! Ouch! I am making my “I’m in pain” face throughout this video. It’s always pleasant to watch videos of myself, ha!

But first, here’s a video of Lilly eating broccoli. Lilly’s videos are way more popular than mine (as they should be!) so I’m putting hers first. Lilly loves vegetables. All vegetables (except cilantro). I had this broccoli stem poking out of the garbage and she was crying for a taste so I decided to film her eating it. She startled me because she jumped up but don’t worry, she did not bite me. I only scream out of surprise. And all that other noise is her heavy breathing/normal eating sounds.

Here are written instructions on foam rolling so you don’t have to watch a video every time.
Roll on back of ankles, flop feet side to side
Work your way up the legs, flopping feet side to side
Press up and roll entire length of calf
Cross one leg over the other and roll entire length of calf
Bend and straighten knees

Put most of weight in the hands, kneel on the roller, turn toes inward to get the belly of the muscle

Come on the the forearms and roll both legs at once
Do just one leg at a time focusing on any areas of tension
Bend and flex at the knee on those painful points

IT BandRoll the side of the thigh with the roller either perpendicular to slightly parallel to the thigh
Bend and straighten the knee when you find those painful points!

Tensor Fasciae Latae (TFL)
Rock front to back on upper hip
Roll to back to get the hip more

Sit on the roll & roll back and forth looking for painful points
Cross ankle over knee for additional stretch


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