12 Week Half Marathon Program

A while ago I mentioned I was going to run the Salt Lake 1/2 Marathon this year on April 20. It is now officially time to start training!

I found a training program I’m going to follow, here it is.
It’s from the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in 2012 but I liked the weekly mileage and workouts it has you do. I really don’t have time to run 5-6 days a week like a lot of training programs want you to do.
So training starts Monday with a 3 mile run which sounds totally laughable to me right now. I’m pretty sure I can’t run 3 miles straight right now after being sick for so long, but that’s ok, I can run/walk.

So the 1/2 marathon is in 12 weeks and I’m getting married in 18 weeks for anyone counting! 🙂

Also, here’s something exciting. When I was sick I was not able to cook so I shuffled to Costco and found some really tasty vegan, convenience food items! Are you as pumped as I am?!

I even numbered a picture!


1. Coconut Curry. My mom introduced me to this curry and wow, it is SO good! It has just a tad bit of sugar in it but not much so I give it the ok.
2. Clementine Cuties. These just looked like a good snack so I got them. I figured I could use some vitamin C.
3. Hummus. It’s not as good as making your own, but this sun dried tomato hummus is darn good.
4. Falafel. This was a huge score. Vegan falafel, already made and ready to be picked up from your local costco. I eat them with hummus, or I put them in salad and top with hummus.

Ok, this weekend I’ll be back in the kitchen whipping up something delightful. Have a great weekend, 1/2 marathon training starts Monday!


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