Wedding Plans

I’m sick, AGAIN. This time with the flu. I know, right? I was healthy for about 2 days, although admittedly I felt tired and kind of off. Then yesterday at work this flu thing hit me like a truck. I learned my lesson though. When you have a really nasty cold, take a few days off and get better. Don’t run yourself ragged trying to carry on as normal. I’m pretty sure if I would have taken a few days to get healthy I wouldn’t by typing from my couch right now.

As promised, I do want to give a wedding update, because that is a much more fun topic than the flu!

Ok, so let me back it up.

My boyfriend proposed to me on top of a mountain in the middle of November. It was the BEST day of my life! I fell over in the snow and flailed around just feeling overjoyed. It was basically the perfect moment that every girl dreams about her whole life. He is so incredible!

We knew we wanted to have a private ceremony with just the two of us, and we knew we wanted to get married this summer. We were thinking we wanted to get married in Bali (Indonesia). Why Bali you may ask?

My fiancé is a big time paraglider and has traveled much of the world already (he is also an international man of mystery. That’s an Austin Powers joke right there). Bali has good paragliding and he has never been there so it was looking like a good choice.

Turns out, it’s real hard to get married in a foreign country. They require all sorts of extra paperwork and fees, I am not a fan of either of those things.

So then, we thought, ok, we will get married legally here in Utah at the County Clerk’s office and then have our real ceremony in Bali. But the more I thought about that the less I liked the idea. If I was having 2 weddings, one wedding would be “real” and the other one wouldn’t be as special. Plus then there’s pictures. How do you find a good photographer in Bali?

Ok, so our plans changed. We decided to just have one wedding, one special day. Here, in Utah. Utah is a really easy state to get married in, plus we are big in to weddings here 🙂 Everything just fell into place and within a couple days we had a location, photographer and minister lined up.

So we are getting married the first week of June at a local resort. That is in 4.5 months!!!!!
I am really excited about the photographer too, she takes amazing photos.
The minister is super nice and excited to do a 2 person wedding.
I DID order a dress too!! The sample dress I ordered came and I did like it, but then I had a change of heart and went with something totally different. Can’t wait to post pictures of it!
I even ordered shoes. They are awesome.
Future hubby has his “outfit” lined up as well. I never know what to call boys clothes, but I know they don’t call them outfits. Whatever, I call it an outfit!

And then, we decided to go to Maui for our honeymoon instead of Bali. After being in Costa Rica we decided a more laid back vacation would be a better way to start our marriage. I am soooooooooo excited to go to Maui. I have never been to Hawaii and I have wanted to go my whole life (who doesn’t though, right?). We already have our plane tickets and hotel reserved!

So that’s it, this wedding was about the easiest thing in the world to plan. We are going to have a “cake party” later on in the summer so we can celebrate with our friends and family and CAKE of course. I’m not calling it a reception because it’s more laid back than that.

So that’s it! Here are Lilly pictures, because she is funny.

I walked into my living room and I could hear Lilly (she’s a heavy breather) but I couldn’t see her. Can you see her in this photo?


How about now?


She is definitely NOT supposed to be up there, but she makes me laugh so much even when she’s being naughty. When I looked behind the pillow she gave me this really sleepy face as if she was soooo exhausted.


Ok, I’m off to take a bath. That’s the only time my skin doesn’t hurt. Booooo flu!!!


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