Come January 1st-It’s ON

There’s nothing like eating really bad to make you want to eat really good, am I right?

Tis the season for over indulging.

I OD’d on sugar cookies today. And pasta. I know, I’m so so so naughty. But I enjoyed every minute of that frosting covered goodness!!

As the day went on I felt less and less like eating anything healthy. By dinner time my usual salad didn’t even sound good. I just wanted more sugar cookies. But I ate my salad anyway.

Le sigh.

So I have officially decided, come January 1 I am starting a cleanse! And I’m hoping others will do it with me! Even if it’s just a little tiny attempt, like cutting soda out for a week. Or maybe cutting all sugar out. That’s the beauty of the cleanse, you just do what you can and every positive change is a positive change. But if you’ve been considering a cleanse, this is a great time!

The cleanse I’m talking about is this one here. I’ll discuss it more later but pretty much it’s 3 weeks (more or less if you want) without dairy, meat, cheese (any animal product actually), sugar, alcohol, caffeine (I won’t give that up I’m telling you now) and gluten. But if there is something you don’t want to give up, then don’t give it up. I don’t see the point in quitting caffeine for 3 weeks if I’m just going to start drinking it again. Anyway, we shall discuss this more next week but that’s the basics.

That doesn’t give us a free pass to eat everything in sight for the next three weeks though. I know there are parties galore going on and chocolate around every corner. That’s a tough battle. Just do your best, hang in there and January 1st we are going to cleanse!

Ok, now Lilly time. Honestly, Lilly hasn’t done anything interesting lately. This is what she is doing right now. She kind of perked up when she saw me stand up (I could be going to the kitchen to get her a treat!) but by the time I got my phone out she had already started to fall asleep again.

And that is no different than what she is always doing. Well, actually she cries a lot. She get’s a treat every night and I try to wait until 9pm to give it to her or else she forgets she had it and begs for another one. But she asks earlier and earlier every day. So pretty much there’s a lot of crying going on all the time.
Begging is sooooo much work. It requires being awake and kind of being upright. Good thing there are walls to lean on!


This is the vision of abuse and neglect right here.


Could you tell this face no? I can’t. I do whatever she tells me to do.



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