Instant Elixer

Hi! I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving break! I know I personally enjoyed having 5 days off of work to relax, run, practice yoga and hang out with my fiancé! We have been having so much fun planning our wedding which will take place this summer in Bali (Indonesia). We are also having fun figuring out where we are going to put all of our combined “stuff” and how we will organize the kitchen. We are so excited and it feels soooo good!

I have cooked a ton of food lately so I have enough new recipes to take us into the new year!

I sense people might be tired of thinking about food or looking at food though.

So here is something for you to try if you overindulged a little too much over the holiday and want to get back on track LIKE NOW.

Pour a glass of water and put some lemon juice in it. Either from a fresh lemon or from lemon juice that comes in a bottle (not sweetened). Lemon water, although it is acidic, makes the body more alkaline which is a good thing. It helps bring blood sugar down after eating too much food, makes the tummy feel better and my esthetician says it’s really good for the skin!


In case you wondering, Lilly had a great vacation too. Over the weekend we took her for a hike up Millcreek Canyon. Even though we probably only hiked about 2.5 miles round trip it was probably the equivalent of a 45 day expedition for Lilly!
Here she is at the summit. 🙂

She did really well and walked on her own the whole way. I didn’t have to carry her at all. Pretty good for a 9 year old pug! She slept like a rock the rest of the day!

Have a great week!


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