Introducing Lilly and Tilly!

When I first met my fiancé I asked him if he had any dogs, he said yes and told me had a Dachshund. I asked what it’s name was and he said, Tilly.

I paused…said, “really? I have a Pug…named Lilly.”

So if that wasn’t a sign that we were meant to be together I just don’t know what is! At that point we started to keep a list of all of our similarities. Other things on that list include:

-We face all items in our pantry forward (like in the grocery store)
-We love doing crazy hard workouts
-When we go out to eat we don’t like lemons OR ice in our water
-We both LOVE frosting way more than cake
-When we eat cupcakes we both eat all the cake part first leaving the frosting for last. Because it’s the best.
-We don’t wear shoes in the house
-We both pick big chunks of peppers off our food
-We have almost identical houses
-We make our beds every morning
-We both toast our pb&j sandwiches
-We are both very nerdy with technology (although he has proven to be much nerdier)

Was that boring to read? I think it’s fascinating to find someone who shares all my same quirks.

Unfortunately, Tilly does not live with fiancé because he travels so much for work (that’s almost like a clue! Now you are probably thinking he’s a traveling salesman!). Instead she stays with his mom and lives the good life getting spoiled daily!

Here are some pictures of Tilly!


Here are some pictures of her as a puppy…because nothing is cuter than a puppy!



I could post a new recipe but since Thanksgiving is this week I figure everyone is probably sick of hearing about food or thinking about food. So let’s talk about other stuff!

Fiancé and I are making great strides in our wedding planning and we could not be more excited to get things rolling. We have decided I will put my house up for sale this spring and move into his house. Lilly will have much better sunbathing opportunities at his house and more of a yard. It’s been so fun figuring out how we will fit all my furniture into his house! When I first met him the only kitchen gadgets he had were a can opener and a pizza cutter. True story. He is about to have every kitchen appliance and gadget known to man!

Lilly is still never quite sure what to do with herself when we are at his house so mostly she just wants to sit on me. I was catching up on my magazine reading this weekend with my favorite pug on my leg.


Have a glorious Thanksgiving week!


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