The Latest & GREATEST!

I’m not ready to post any recipes yet. Mostly because I haven’t really made anything new. Last night for work I made about 200 balls and several pitchers of smoothies but nothing new.

Besides, I’ve been just a tad preoccupied with thoughts of wedding and just general excitement. In fact, I think I might have not have anything to eat or drink for about 2 days because I couldn’t think about anything else. Ok that’s not true, I definitely eat.

Shall we get to the good stuff?!

Here is the ring!



It’s so beautiful I can’t believe it! It is super shiny too! I’m pretty sure it can be seen from outer-space. 🙂 I like it because I will be able to wear it when I’m doing all my activities.

Everyone has been asking when we are going to get married and we don’t really know yet because it depends on fiancé’s job but we are hoping for this summer. We are also planning on it being a destination wedding. A wedding-moon if you will. Right now we are looking at Bali, but we are still in the research phase.

I am honestly just so happy and I am enjoying every second of looking at wedding magazines and pinterest and doing wedding research!

I found a great website for inexpensive wedding dresses too! I don’t think any dress is over $300 and there are TONS of dresses! Check it out if you are in need of a dress!

I promise next week I will post at least 1 good recipe and 1 good Lilly story.

On that note…here is Lilly in her carseat after a trip to the park. Lilly doesn’t want to walk when we go to the park, she is more of a “people watcher”. That’s fine for her but it sure makes me look creepy…


Don’t you wish you had a giant bed that could travel with you in the car? Then you would be as comfy as a pug.


Have a great weekend!


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