Easy Amaranth Breakfast plus Lilly’s Fitness Routine

I still had some amaranth in my pantry and I really don’t know why I haven’t been eating it more often. Amaranth is almost identical in nutritional value to quinoa. That means it’s high in protein and an ideal food to eat before running or working out. And it looks just like cream of wheat!

Here is the winning way to cook amaranth:

Place 1 cup dry amaranth into a sauce pan. Add 1.5 cups of water and stir to wet the amaranth. Cook over high heat until it comes to a boil. Once it boils, cover and reduce heat to low. Simmer for about 10 minutes until most of the liquid is absorbed.

You really can’t mess it up. You can add more water and it will be more sticky. Or you can use less water and it will be more fluffy, kind of like rice.

Then just top it with a little almond milk, maple syrup (or use sweetened almond milk) and a pinch of salt.


This is what it looks like dry. It’s tiny.


And here is a video of Lilly’s workout routine, never before released to the public, ha! Lilly is 9 years old and she is the skinniest pug. People often comment on how trim she is and they ask me how I keep my pug so slim. She sleeps 22.5 hours a day so it’s definitely not her activity level. But every morning when I get up she jumps out of her bed and starts doing this workout routine. We call it her calisthenics and it’s how we figure she stays in such good shape.

I wish I could jump out of bed in the morning and just start doing cartwheels like it was no big deal…
She is chasing her tail by the way. And this video was actually her second set of the morning so you can see she is visibly fatigued (and dizzy). She does this workout for several minutes every morning.


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