New Workout (and Lilly stories)

Oh my goodness, another new workout video! 2 weeks in a row!

Just to warn you, I’m feeling a little self-help/Dr. Phil/sappy, emotional post coming up. I don’t know about what…but I can feel it coming!

I’m also planning my next scary food meal so get ready for that too!

Before I get to the workout, I am WELL aware of the fact that Lilly has WAY more fans than I have. I understand. She has that whole tan body, black ears and face thing going on. It melts my heart too.

Even though Lilly is 9 years old she still gets a treat EVERY time she goes to the bathroom (which is only 2-3 times a day…I have no idea how she does it). So, every morning, evening and night we go on a walk and as soon as she has taken care of business she SPRINTS (seriously, she is really fast) back to the house. She rushes inside where she then DEMANDS her treat. If you take too long removing your shoes & what not she just gets louder and more demanding. The treat situation is the biggest emergency on the planet. I’m sure.

So one morning last week we went through all of the above, but when I dropped her treat down to her (usually she catches it with her mouth) it slid underneath a piece of furniture.

Worried face.

Mom, I think my treat is gone…

2 seconds later. Mom, I don’t think everything is going to be alright!! What are we going to do about this EMERGENCY SITUATION??!


Meanwhile, I am laughing and taking pictures of her.

In case you were concerned too, she did get a treat that morning. The world was saved. Phew. Tense times.

Ok, here are the instructions for the workout. This workout made me extremely sore and it is one of my favorites so I hope you enjoy it!

Part 1: Set interval timer for 18 rounds of 35 seconds work, 10 seconds rest (that’s 6 rounds of 3 different exercises)
-Side jump lunge (touchdown in the center)
-180˚ burpees
-High knee jumprope or just high knees

Part 2: No set time, just go for total number of reps. Complete the whole thing 2 times through.
-Lunge back and press up with dumbbells. 25 reps
-Superman plank. 25 reps
-Sumo squat. 25 reps
-Reptile plank. 25 reps
-Lunge jump switch. 25 reps
-Mini squats. 25 reps
-Long jump forward, 2 jumps back. 25 reps


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