A few of my favorite things

This is a bit of a random post…it’s not very food or fitness related.

But here it is anyway.

I really love beet chips.

But last week my friend Tiana brought in some PARSNIP CHIPS, which totally blew my mind! We decided to call them ‘snip chips’, pretty clever, huh?

She made them the same way I make beet chips but used garlic powder, salt, pepper and chili powder. They were amazing. She gave me a bag full around 9:15am and I had them gone by 9:26!

I know that’s a really good picture.


Alright, now here are a few of my favorite things.

Nobody ever asks me for fashion advice. Hard to believe, what with my extensive sneaker collection and all. But the one item people do ask me about are my sparkly headbands!


These headbands actually, really do stay in place. I always wear them running and they never slip off.
They are from http://www.sweatybands.com.

The next thing I love, love, love is my tinted sunscreen/moisturizer. My dermatologist tells me everyone should wear spf30 on their face every day. No excuses. I love this moisturizer because it does everything and yet it’s not makeup.

I combine 2 kinds and wear a mixture of Estée Lauder BB and Dermalogica ultra sensitive tint.

Now, I am probably the last person who should be giving out beauty advice since I have the worst skin. That’s a whole nother post. And because I break out all the time the only makeup I use is this concealer. And boy do I ever use it. Very rarely will I put powder on my face, but when I do, I use this stuff.

Neutrogena skin clearing makeup. It saves me!

And last, when I tell people what I eat, one of the frequent questions I get is “do you ever eat bread”? The answer is yes, sometimes. Usually before a run or a bike ride. I don’t eat it every day but when I do have bread it’s this Ezekiel bread. It has wheat and gluten in it but it’s made out of sprouted grains (that means the grains are soaked until they actually sprout so it’s kind of like eating a grain that has turned into a vegetable. Sprouted grains are extra nutritious.) and it never makes me feel sick or puffy.

I like the sprouted 7 grain and the 4:9 varieties although last week I got crazy and purchased the cinnamon raisin kind and it is delicious!

And of course, my VERY favorite thing is my pug dog!!!


Have a wonderful weekend! Next week I promise to have a new workout and a new scaaaary food!


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