Summer Rolls-part 2

It was my boyfriends birthday a couple weeks ago and I wanted to make him something special. In my opinion, Summer Rolls are one of the most special meals you can make. The options are endless for what to stuff them with. We had so much fun making them and spending time together in the kitchen. It was a perfect birthday in my opinion!

I have already posted the ingredients on here once before.

The pictures weren’t very good though so I wanted to post something better.



For the ingredients I used:
Rice wrappers
Brown rice vermicelli noodles (about 1/2 the package)

We just mixed and matched the ingredients to make a variety of rolls.

First I prepare all the ingredients and get them set out so I can easily reach them.


Then I form my assembly line. You will need a large bowl full of hot water, a plate or two for assembling the rolls, all the ingredients within arms reach and a couple plates for finished rolls.


To assemble a roll, start by soaking the rice wrapper in warm water for a few seconds, then carefully lay it out on a plate. Place some vermicelli noodles in the lower 1/3 of the wrapper. Then start filling it with whatever ingredients you want.


To finish, fold the right and left sides in, then start rolling it up starting at the bottom. Place aside on a plate and try not to eat it immediately!


The other reason I made these is because they were something I could actually eat during this crazy cleanse!

The cleanse by the way is going well for the most part. I just started my third week. I have really been enjoying eating curries and some of my salads. My mandoline arrives tomorrow and I’m excited to make more beet chips! I have some other new recipes up my sleeve that I’m excited to post as well.

I still continue to miss coffee and chocolate on a daily basis…


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