Healthy Eating on the Road

Hello friends! Have you missed me??

I was at a fitness convention in San Diego all last week and just got back last night. So, I raced all day Saturday, had Sunday to “recover” and pack then took off Monday morning for a week of well…more working out!

I landed last night, slept a little then taught a 7am class.

I’m tired.

And I have no food in my house.

Which means I don’t have any fabulous recipes to share with you.

So instead I thought I would share a few of my best practices for eating healthy while traveling!

One of the most common statements I hear from my clients is something along the lines of: I can’t eat healthy when I travel. It’s impossible.

It’s not impossible but it does take some planning.

I was lucky enough to be traveling with other health-minded individuals. When we got to San
Diego one of the first stops we made was the grocery store. Boring you say? Nonsense. It was the best stop we made. And we went back to the grocery store every day!

That first night I purchased the following items:
A loaf of Ezekiel bread
A small jar or natural peanut butter
Some bananas
Some peaches
Veggie wrap for dinner (pictured below)

I had also packed Lara Bars and Vega Protein powder in my suitcase. I put the protein in a ziplock bag then stick the bag in my “blender bottle” for safe travels.


So you see, with those few items I was set for dinner, breakfasts and snacks. I believe I spent about $23 on my groceries which is about the price of just one meal.

For breakfast I like to have a Vega shake. That’s one of my favorite things to pack with me because then I know, no matter what I will get protein, fiber and a days worth or fruits and vegetables.

For lunch or breakfast or a snack I will make a sandwich with the bread and peanut butter and just slice a banana on it instead of buying agave nectar or jam.

Then I had plenty to snack on with the Lara Bars, fruit, carrots and hummus. If I always have healthy food on hand to snack on I am much less likely to get out of control at the all you can eat pasta bar, you know what I’m saying?

Almost every day for lunch I returned to the grocery store for a veggie wrap made of cucumber, lettuce, tofu and avocado along with a side of hummus & pretzels. The pretzels aren’t my favorite but they come in a handy single serving portion.


I was rooming with my friend Andi and she is very good about sticking to her meal plan when she travels. Her favorite part of the grocery store was the salad bar because she could get her greens and hard boiled eggs and grilled chicken. It was pretty slick.


When I’m at a restaurant I almost always get a salad. I know, boring, but I always feel good after I eat greens and I always feel bad when I don’t. So that’s that. I just ask the server to leave the cheese off.

Another good dining option is sushi. I was able to order a pretty custom vegetable roll which was amazing. Sorry, no picture, I was hungry and it disappeared before my eyes!

Now don’t feel sorry for us and our grocery store meals. We still had fun, I promise! Here we are on our last night enjoying a glass of wine.


Cheers everyone! Have a great week!


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