Adventure Race!

Hello friends!
Well this weekend the rubber hits the dirt so to speak and I will be competing in my first ever adventure race!
We don’t know exactly how the race will work or what order we will be doing the events in. All we know is what gear to bring and where to meet to get instructions. From there we will have to go to different “check points” by using a map and compass (insert boyfriends manly skills here)!

What we DO know is that we need to plan on the following:
Mountain Biking 45-55 miles
Trail Running/Trekking 15-17 miles
Kayaking 5 miles
Carring the Kayak 1+ miles
Rock climbing challenge
The race will take 12 hours

In the beginning my concern was obviously the number of miles we will be traveling. But now my main concern is the heat. The high on Saturday is going to be 95 degrees and we will be racing from 9am-9pm. So running might turn into walking, which is fine. My goal is to not keel over in the heat!
The good news is, I know I have two of the best team-mates anyone could ever have! I am doing this race with my boyfriend and our friend Jeff. They are well versed in this kind of thing and I know they will take good care of me if things get rough. Jeff wants to bring an IV even, just in case… New goal: to not require an IV from Jeff. Who brings an IV to a race you might be asking. Jeff. Jeff will.

I will be sure to let you know how this thing goes, although it might be a few days before you hear from me. And if you never hear from me, well, then you will know adventure racing wasn’t for me. I’m kidding Mom! 🙂

As far as food and hydration go, we are bringing LOTS of high quality H2O, gatorade, GU, Laura Balls and Almond Butter & Agave Nectar Sandwiches made on Ezekiel Bread.

Think of me on Saturday and send me your good vibes, I will need it!


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