Tour of my Home!

I have always loved the Parade of Homes. And model homes. And MTV Cribs back in the day. And just about anything on HGTV! It’s just so fun getting to look inside people’s homes! Admittedly, my home is nowhere NEAR anything you would see on TV, but I figure if you are anything like me, you would like to have a look anyway!

So let’s start my little home tour.

First of all, I live in a Townhouse, which is awesome because it gives me the convenience of an attached 2 car garage, but NO YARD WORK!

I don’t have an actual yard, just a small courtyard, but I still have a micro garden! I am currently growing 3 very small cucumbers, lettuce, spinach, basil and kale.


When you walk in the front door you head right upstairs and into the main living area & kitchen.


I am not into decorating at all, but I do have a love for all things black and tan. Case in point:


What a ridiculous creature!

This is the other side of that wall. My dad built both of these pieces and they are hands down the nicest things in my house.


The living area is open to the kitchen, my favorite room in the house. This kitchen was probably the main reason I chose this home.


I like it a lot!


Inside the kitchen there is a huge pantry which I think is a Utah thing. We loooove our big pantry’s in Utah!


My pantry has surprisingly little food in it. As you can see I have many kitchen electrics and many spices. The only food items I really have are canned beans, quinoa, wild rice and amaranth. The rest is all fresh produce in the fridge.

There is also a 1/2 bath in the kitchen which is very convenient.

Now let’s head up another flight of stairs, that’s right, we are getting our workout in. 🙂

This is the guest bedroom.


And guest bathroom. I apologize for the lighting here.


I absolutely adore washing machines. It’s like a sickness. I think after having to use laundromats for so long, being able to do laundry in my home will forever feel like a luxury. No more lugging loads of laundry through snow! Here they are in action even!


I love them. If they were bright pink I would love them more! Do you think pinterest has directions on how to paint appliances? Probably.

Last on the tour is the master bedroom (my bedroom).


I’m pretty simple. I just went for all white. The curtains came from Target for about $20, the duvet cover is from Pottery Barn.


There is a big closet in there too but I didn’t take a picture. I’ll just tell you it’s very organized and color coded. I have all my workout (work clothes for me) clothes hanging up and I own about 4 pairs of jeans.

My bathroom.


That’s it! You have seen it all! Thanks for stopping by!


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