CRUSH Challenge-Week 4

Good Monday Morning!
I hope you all enjoyed Yoga this morning with Aaron. And if you didn’t enjoy it, I hope you at least appreciated the fact that you were giving your body a new challenge and doing something really good for yourself.

In class today, we did some really tough poses and Aaron kept saying, “focus on your breath” and “bring it back to your heartbeat”. In other words, STAY PRESENT even though this is REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE!

So your challenge this week might be the toughest one yet: LIVE IN THE MOMENT all week long.

It is always easier to think about what you have planned for the day or what happened yesterday than it is to actually stay present with what is going on NOW. That is especially true during uncomfortable or painful times. We love to distract ourself by looking forward to the weekend and it is so easy to let days or even weeks slip by without actually appreciating what is going on. Have you ever driven all the way home from work and realized when you got home you don’t even remember the drive?

So this week, challenge yourself to stay present even when something is hard. If we are always living in the moment we will make good choices about what we eat, what we say and how hard we work. We will be more productive! Think about it: when you are dwelling on the past are you enjoying what you eat? Are you productive at work? Are you having good conversations with your friends?

Have a radiant and bright week everyone and LIVE IN THE MOMENT!


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