Your skin is your largest organ

Did you know your skin is your largest organ? Pretty crazy huh? Think of all the things our skin goes through…scrapes, scratches, bruises, sunburns, shaving, oh man we put it through a lot!

So the skin is a living organ that absorbs whatever we slather on it. This concept has been in my head for years so I have made a conscious effort to buy “natural” body lotions, whatever that means. There is still a bunch of crazy stuff in there that I definitely would not want to ingest.

Then I came across a website that rates how healthy or unhealthy beauty products are. Scary.

One thing I have done for quite a while now is a “coconut oil meditation”. I slather myself in coconut oil-tons of it. Let it soak in for about 20 minutes. During that time I meditate. Then I hop in the shower just to lightly rinse off then pat dry with a towel. This is an Ayurvedic treatment used to re-balance the body or the “doshas”.

I always love the way my skin feels after doing that so I started thinking, why not just use a little coconut oil as my body moisturizer instead of lotion? It’s only 1 ingredient, and it’s something I would eat, why not?

So I ditched my regular body lotion and now I just slather on a little coconut oil! I absolutely love it! I smell like a giant girl scout cookie, all I’m missing is a little chocolate drizzle! My skin feels nice and soft all day long, and when I sweat I don’t turn into a slippery lotion mess like I did with regular body lotion.

A jar of coconut oil is about $10 but a little goes a long way so price wise it’s less expensive than body lotion. And health wise, I think it’s a much better choice!



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