Compression Tight Fever

I’ve heard a lot about the benefits of compression tights lately. They reduce recovery time, reduce muscle fatigue and improve performance. Then my brother tells me he has a pair and loves them, in fact, he can’t say enough good things about them! And my brother is not the kind of guy who would wear tights unless they have legitimate benefits.
I wanted to try some out for myself so I tried on a couple pairs and instantly loved the CW-X Pro 3/4 tight.

Putting them on is a bit of a challenge, squeezing my thighs into the pant legs was a bit like trying to stuff an owl into a snake, but once they were on they felt amazing! My sore legs felt supported and didn’t bounce when I ran!

My hamstrings normally ache, but I after running 8 miles my legs felt great! I am so sold on these things I want to get their pants and shorts too! Maybe even the sports bra!
I now call these my “magic pants”.
They are a bit pricey at about $85, but did I mention nothing bounces in them? That alone is priceless!
Normally after running 8 miles I would feel like this:

But instead I felt great! That’s my pug Lilly by the way. She pretty much always looks like that.


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