Workout of the week!

This is an amazing workout! This is a great workout to start out with since it uses a lot of my standard exercise moves, but it is still super hard! And the best part is, you don’t need any equipment!
Here is how it works: 10 exercises. You will do each exercise in order for 30 seconds each working as hard as you can in that 30 seconds. Yes, you might have to take a break from time to time, that’s ok. Even if you can only do 2 reps of everything, that’s better than doing ZERO! You get only 10 seconds in between moves to rest and get in place for the next. You will go through this 3 times without stopping. Got it?
Set an interval timer for 30 seconds (work) and 10 seconds (rest) for 30 rounds. Yee-haw!
Squat jumps
Lunge jump switch
One arm press up
Jack in the box tuck jump
Plank jumps
Prison squats


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