8 week 1/2 marathon training. Week 1

I haven’t been running much since the marathon I ran a month and a half ago and so I figured I would sign up for a 1/2 marathon just to give me something to train for. A reason to get out of bed and go run in the cold if you will. I made this training program up for myself, I definitely don’t recommend following it for your first 1/2, but I will post my weekly workouts just for fun!

Tuesday: 40 minute easy run. Don’t even think about your pace. Nobody cares about your pace. This day is all about getting a few easy miles in.

Thursday: 3 mile run. The first 2 miles run a normal pace, the last mile kick it up a notch and go all out. Keep track of how long it takes you to run that last mile. Write that number down, we will be using it to determine how fast the rest of our runs will be.

Saturday: 6 mile easy run. Easy. Just try to run 6 miles without stopping. If you try to do every run as fast as you can your body will get very angry with you and it will not get faster, in fact doing so will actually prevent you from getting faster. So repeat after me: speed days only come once a week.

Equipment: if you don’t already have something to use to keep track of your pace & distance, you need to get on it! If you have a smart phone I highly recommend the Nike+GPS app. It will be the best $3.99 you ever spend. If you don’t have a smart phone I highly recommend the Nike+ sport band. It keeps track of all your running stats, AND it’s a cute little watch!



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