Let go of the things you can’t control and focus on what you can control

I’ve been frustrated and stressed lately about things in my life I can’t control. And it’s silly things really, like my most recent running injury. I realize it’s ridiculous to stress about the things we can’t control because it only makes matters worse and wastes our precious energy!  So I came across a post on tinybuddha.com about focusing on the things you can control. I really liked the thought of that so here is my very abbreviated list of things we can’t and can control.

Things you can’t control
1. How fast time passes, either fast or slow
2. What other people say, do or think
3. Injuries & illness

Things you CAN control
1. How many times a day you smile
2. How well you pay attention when you drive
3. How nice you are to other people
4. How much money you spend on things you don’t need
5. How many times you tell someone you love them
6. The food you put in your mouth
7. How often you exercise
8. How hard you work at your job
9. How good of a friend you are
This has really been helpful for me. Now when a frustrating thought enters my mind I just smile and let it go, because I can control how many times a day I smile 🙂

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